List of participants of the conference Topology and Dynamics: Rokhlin memorial

Peter Akhmet'ev (Russia)

Isotopical Realization Problem (joint with S. Melikhov)

Victor Alexandrov (Russia)

Implicit function theorem for polynomial systems with vanishing Jacobian and it's applications to flexible structures

Laura Anderson (USA)

Polytopal bundle theory (joint with N. Mnev)

Victor Arzumanian (Russia)

Ilia Binder (USA)

Semeon Bogatyi (Russia)

Metrically homogenuous spaces

Alexey Bolsinov (Russia)

An example of an integrable geodesic flow with positive entropy (join talk with I. Taimanov)

Oleksandr Borysenko (Ukraine)

Global Structure Compact Hopf Hypersurfaces in Complex Space Form

Victor Buchstaber (Russia)

Groups of polynomial transformations,nonformal symplectic manifolds and complex cobordisms

Aleksandr Bufetov (Russia)

Rates of convergence in ergodic theorems

Georgi Chakvetadze (Russia)

Ergodic Theory of One-dimensional Model of Drilling

Balazs Csikos (Hungary)

The Minkowski measure of a contracted set

Florin Damian (Moldova)

On a hyperbolic 5-manifold of finite volume

Ostap Davydov (Russia)

Special spines of branched coverings of S3

Dmitry Dolgopyat (Russia)

Dynamics of partially hyperbolic systems on three dimensional manifolds

Viktor Dontsov (Russia)

Systoles of uniformly discrete lattices on higher Heisenberg groups with a Carnot-Caratheodory metric

Daniel Durusoy (Turkey)

Ivan Dynnikov (Russia)

On a solution of the Yang-Baxter equation

Juergen Eichhorn (Germany)

A classification approach for open manifolds

Naci Erdil (Turkey)

Alexandre Felchtyn (Germany)

Reidemeister torsion and dynamical zeta functions in Nielsen theory

Jacob Feldman (USA)

Konstantin Feldman (Russia)

An equivariant analog of Poincare-Hopf theorem

Sergey Finashin (Russia, Turkey)

The Rokhlin Conjecture about Arnold Surfaces and Quotients of Complex Surfaces by Complex Conjugation

Vincent Florens (France)

About estimation of slice genus of links

Evgenii Fominykh (Russia)

On normal surfaces in 3-manifolds

Sergei Gelfand (USA)

Alexei Glutsuk (Russia)

Continuity of the uniformization function of linear foliation on three-dimensional torus with nonstandard metric

Victor Goryunov (UK, Russia)

Unitary reflection groups associated with cyclically-invariant functions

Valery Gritsenko (Russia)

Elliptic genera

Alexander Kachurovskii (Russia)

Rates of convergence in ergodic theorems

Vadim Kaimanovich (France)

Amenability, hyperfiniteness and isoperimetric properties of equivalence relations

Vadim Kaloshin (USA)

Generic diffeomorphisms with superexponential growth of number of periodic points

Orhun Kara (Turkey)

Maxim Kazarian (Russia)

Topological Invariants of Global Singularities

Sergei Kerov (Russia)

Ulrich Koschorke (Germany)

Milnor's $\mu$-invariants and higher dimensional link homotopy in arbitrary manifolds

Sergei Kozlov (Russia)

Critical values of sectional curvature in Grassmanians

Petr Kulish (Russia)

On invariants of knots in solid tori and reflection equation. (joint with A. Nikitin)

Gennadii Leonov (Russia)

Lyapunov functions in estimates of dimension of attractors of dynamical systems

Boris Lifshits (Russia)

Andrei Lodkin (Russia)

Marta Macho-Stadler (Spain)

Foliations, groupoids and Baum-Connes conjecture

Artem Macovetsky (Russia)

On transformation of special spines

Vladimir Makeev (Russia)

Refined equilateral problem in Minkowski space

Oleg Manturov (Russia)

On Invariant Polynomials of some Knots

Vassily Manturov (Russia)

Semigroup of $d$--Diagrams and Algebra of Chord Diagrams

Vladimir Manuilov (Russia)

Almost representations of discrete groups and $K$-theory of classifying spaces

Nikita Markarian (Russia)

Projective structures and harmonic maps

Vladimir Matveev (Russia)

Dynamical and topological methods in the theory of geodesically equivalent metrics

Serguei Matveev (Russia)

Computation in 3-manifold topology

Sergey Melikhov (Russia)

joint talk with P. Akhmet'ev (joint with P. Akhmet'ev)

Alexander Michtchenko (Russia)

The Hirzebruch formula: 45 years of history and the present state

Grigory Mikhalkin (Russia, USA)

Real algebraic geometry and holomorphic amoebas

Nikolai Mnev (Russia)

Polytopal bundle theory (joint with L. Anderson)

Oleg Musin (Russia)

Four-vertex theorem and related topics

Sergei Natanzon (Russia)

Hurwitz spaces

Nikita Netsvetaev (Russia)

Vladimir Nezhinskii (Russia)

Pseudo-homotopy classification of higher dimensional singular links

Aleksey Nikitin (Russia)

On invariants of knots in solid tori and reflection equation. (joint with P. Kulish)

Sergei Novikov (Russia)

Schrodinger equation on the graphs and related topics

Stepan Orevkov (Russia, France)

Riemann existence theorem and construction of real algebraic curves

Andrey Oshemkov (Russia)

Saddle singularities of integrable Hamiltonian systems as discrete integrable Hamiltonian systems

Mikhail Ovchinnikov (Russia)

On special spines whose singular graph is splitted by every pair of vertices

Ferit Ozturk (Turkey)

Andrei Pajitnov (France)

Lefschetz zeta functions of gradients of circle-valued maps

Vehbi Paksoy (Turkey)

Taras Panov (Russia)

Algebraic topology of torus actions on manifolds defined by simple polytopes

Alexandre Pavlov (Russia)

Generalized Lefschetz numbers of unitary endomorphisms of W-elliptic complexes

Sergei Pilyugin (Russia)

Genericity of the shadowing property for homeomorphisms

Christophe Pittet (France)

Semeon Podkorytov (Russia)

Quadratic property of the Kervaire semicharacteristic

Grigorii Polotovskii (Russia)

Progress in the Classification of Decomposable Curves

Fedor Popelenski (Russia)

Steenrod operations in certain cobordism theories

Mikhail Postnikov (Russia)

Marina Ratner (USA)

Victoria Rayskin (USA)

Nermin Salepci (Turkey)

Konstantin Salikhov (Russia)

Immersions without triple points

Vladimir Sharko (Ukraine)

Conley index and flows on four-manifolds

Nadya Shirokova (Russia)

Alexander Shumakovitch (Switzerland)

Nikita Sidorov (UK)

Arkady Skopenkov (Russia)

Knotted tori and the deleted product criterion

Stanislav Smirnov (Sweden)

On dimension of quasicircles

Tatiana Smirnova-Nagnibeda (Sweden)

Alexander Starkov (Russia)

On cocycle rigidity of Anosov actions

Svetlov Pavel (Russia)

Invariants of links and knots on T-polyhedra

Andras Szucs (Hungary)

The Pontrjagin - Thom construction for singular maps and its applications to elimination of singularities

Jean-Paul Thouvenot (France)

Sebastien Trilles (France)

Congruence mod 16 for M-1 symmetric projective curve

Saule Troitskaya (Russia)

Some spectral properties of the dynamical system managing the motion of rotating fluid

Evgenij Troitsky (Russia)

Actions of compact groups, C -index theorem, and families

Svetlana Tyurina (Russia)

Diagram formulas of Viro-Polyak type and the Kontsevich integral for $(2,n)$-torus knots

Victor Vassiliev (Russia)

Order complexes of singular sets and topology of spaces of nonsingular projective varieties

Anatoly Vershik (Russia)

Numerical invariants of countable groups and locally free approximation of braid groups

Vladimir Vershinin (Russia)

Homological properties of virtual braids

Oleg Viro (Russia)

Real algebraic knot theory

Topological work of M. Gusarov (1958-1999)

Jean-Yves Welschinger (France)

Complex orientations of separating real algebraic curves on ruled surfaces

Petr Yagodovsky (Russia)

The linear deformation of discrete groups

Sergey Yagunov (Germany)

Sergey Yuzvinsky (USA)

Cohomology of local systems on hyperplane complements

Alexey Zhirov (Russia)

Coverings of diffeomorphisms of surfaces with hyperbolic attractors

Alexei Zhubr (Russia)

Non-stability of smooth 6-manifolds with $\pi_1=Z^3$

Victor Zvonilov (Russia)

Rigid isotopies of real trigonal curves on Hirzebruch surfaces