10th Summer St.Petersburg Meeting in Mathematical Analysis


August 22 - 26, 2001





WEDNESDAY, August 22


9:30--10.30            REGISTRATION


10:30                       OPENING


10:35--11:20              S.Kisliakov. $BMO$-regularity is a self-dual property


12:00--12:45              S.Pott. $BMO$ of the bidisk and operator $BMO$


15:00--15:25              A.Borichev. On the minimum of harmonic functions


15:30--15:55              M.Roginskaya. How sparse the Fourier transforms of very singular measures are


16:00--16:25              A.Baranov. On Bernstein's inequality in de Branges spaces of entire functions


17:00--17:25          D.Yakubovich. The Szeg\"o condition in weighted Sobolev spaces


17:30--17:55         N.Shirokov. An example of a fast decaying $(p, A)$-lacunary function



THURSDAY, August 23


10:00--10:45       L.Hedberg. Spectral synthesis in function spaces


11:15--12:00       N.Nikolski. A counterexample to the similarity problem via Nazarov's disproof of the Sarason conjecture


12:05--12:50       A.Volberg. Bellman approach to estimates of Riesz transforms


15:00--15:25       S.Petermichl. Title to be announced


15:30--15:55       M.Skopina. Ridge approximation of continuous functions on the disk


16:00--16:25       P.Vitse. An approximation approach to the Operator Corona problem


17:00--17:25       E.Strouse. Which Nehari theorem for which Hankel operator?


17:30--17:55       E.Kalita. On weighted norms of Riesz transforms



FRIDAY, August 24


10:00--10:45          S.Shimorin. Applications of reproducing kernel techniques to Bergman spaces


11:15--12:00          A.Poltoratski. Asymptotics of Fourier transforms under small perturbations


12:05--12:50          S.Ivanov, V.Vlasov. Basis properties of exponential solutions of functional differential equations


15:00--15:25          H.Hedenmalm. My view on Bergman spaces


15:30--15:55          R.Romanov. Localization of spectral singularities and asymptotics of contractive semigroups


16:00--16:25          A.Kotochigov. An embedding theorem for analytic H\"older spaces


17:00--17:25          F.Shamoyan. Representation problems in anisotropic weighted spaces of analytic functions on the polydisc


17:30--17:55          I.Musin. Ultradifferentiable functions and Fourier analysis





SATURDAY, August 25


10:00--10:45          V.Peller. An interesting class of integral operators with unusual Schatten--von Neumann properties


11:15--12:00          L.Maergoiz. Partial fraction expansion for meromorphic functions


12:05--12:50          S.Novikov. The uniqueness of symmetric structure in extreme Banach rearrangement invariant spaces


15:00--15:25          V.Havin. Majorants of elements of model spaces


15:30--15:55          K.Dyakonov. Holomorphic functions and quasiconformal mappings with smooth moduli


16:00--16:25          V.Strauss. On a model of Krein spaces


17:00--17:25          G.Amosov. On markovian cocycle perturbations of a flow of shifts in $L^2$


17:30--17:55          G.Laptev. Nonexistence results for evolution inequalities in cones



SUNDAY, August 26


Bus excursion to PETRODVORETS