Dear Colleague,

This is to confirm our intentions to organize the next

Workshop'2001 on the Inverse Problems

at the Euler International Mathematical Institute (Saint-Petersburg). We all feel that it would be to our great advantage if we could meet our friends and colleagues again to maintain and continue the contacts which we had established at the previuos Workshops'93,95,96,98 in EIMI.
The Workshop is planned to be held on

18 - 23 June'2001
i.e. on the third week of June, which is the best season (peak of the White Nights) at St.Petersburg. So, an excursion on a boat along the River under light heavens is certainly promised.

The title of the Workshop is DIP'2001 (Dinamical Inverse Problems) but this is just a traditional title. The area of our interests is rather wide:

  1. Inverse Problems (dynamical, spectral etc);
  2. Empedance Tomography: theory and applications;
  3. Geometry related with (1)-(2);
  4. Functional Analysis related with IP's;
  5. Control Theory, Boundary Control, connections with IP's;
  6. IP's in Financial Mathematics;
  7. Applications in Geophysics, Elasticity, Acoustics, etc;
  8. Regularization, Numerical Testing in IP's;
  9. Image Recovery.
The list isn't being complete, new ideas and proposals are encouraged. We would be happy to invite and accept your younger colleagues: students, post-doctors, aspirants etc. Youth is welcomed!

All the information concerning the Workshop may be found on our web page:

Otherwise, we'll keep you informed on current news.

We are looking forward to seeing you at DIP'2001 and would appreciate it very much if you could inform us in a possibly short time whether we can hope for your participation.

The participants are welcomed to send the titles and abstracts of their talks.

Fax: +7 812 310 53 77
Steklov Institute (POMI)
Fontanka 27
Saint-Petersburg 191011

PS Please, send your reply on both of the addresses:

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