St.Petersburg, September 24 October 5, 2001.


UNESCO, the Euro-Asian Physical Society and St.Petersburg University will organize an International V.A.Fock School for Advances of Physics (IFSAP-2001) in St.Petersburg, September 24 October 5, 2001. The topic of the IFSAP-2001 session will be




The aim of the IFSAP is to provide exceptionally talented young physicists with opportunities for interacting with senior physicists and young physicists from other countries. The School is intended for post-doctoral students and research workers who wish to obtain concentrated information on recent results on Methods of Theoretical Physics and Models of Reality and will cover both basic knowledge and the most recent findings and provide ample possibility for discussions. Visits to laboratories in St. Petersburg are envisaged.


The first week of the School will contain pedagogical sets of lectures and include events associated with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Physics of St.Petersburg University. . The second week will be devoted to participants' scientific seminars on Casimir Effect, Skyrme Model in Particle and Nuclear Physics and Quantum Gravity.




Section A.

Quantum Field Methods and Models in Physics


Section B.

Universality of Theoretical Physics Methods and Models of Reality

- Group-Theoretical Methods and Symmetries



- Gauge theories



- Casimir effect



- Heavy Flavours: modern status








Programme Committee:


A.Bogush, Minsk

L.Lipatov, St.Petersburg

S.Raither, UNESCO

M.Bordag, Leipzig

V.Matveev, Moscow

K.Rebane, Tartu

M.Ivanov, Dubna

Yu.Novozhilov, St.Petersburg

D.Sternheimer, Dijon

S.Kapitza, Moscow

G.Pronko, Protvino




Organizing Committee:




V.Novozhilov, Chairman, IFSAP Director



V.Ter-Nersessjants, Secretary



A limited number of fellowships will be available from the Euro-Asian Physical Society. Fellowships will be awarded mainly to participants from countries of the former Soviet Union outside Russia. A fellowship includes board, lodging and cultural program.

Applications for participation should be sent by email or by fax to


IFSAP-2001 Director



fax +7 812 4287240



Programme Director

Euro-Asian Physical Society


fax +7 095 943 7686