Preliminary Program


The pedogogical part of the 11th V.Fock School of Physics will take place 24-29 September 2001 in St.Petersburg.


Opening: 24 september, 10.00, Petrovski Hall, Main Building of the University Universitetskaja nab. 7-9.

Vice-Rector for Science

S.Raither, Director, Division of Math., Phys. and Chemistry, UNESCO

Director of the School


10.30. L.N.Lipatov BFKL-theory


11.30 coffee-break


12.00 S.P. Kapitza Theory of Population Growth

13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30 D.Sternheimer (Dijon) Deformations as universal tool for Physics models


15.20 M.Bordag (Leipzig) Casimir Effect I


16.25 V. Anisovich Systematics of Mesons



Tuesday 25 September, Petershof Campus, V.Fock Institute of Physics Conference Hall


The 100th anniversary of the Institute of Physics


12.00 Academic Council. Introduction by Rector

Historical talks


Opening of the Museum



Wednesday 26 September, Main Building Room 70

10.00 M.A.Braun Hadron-nuclear interactions in perturbative QCD


11.00 V.A.Franke Light-cone Physics I


12.10 M. Ivanov Heavy Flavors: modern status


13.30-14.30 Lunch


Section Physics and Models of Reality


15.00 Yu.Novozhilov Why Physics and Models of Reality


15.30 N. Borisov An interactive modeling system


16.30 Yu.Pismak, V.V.Vechernin, G.A.Chernykh Self-organizing criticality in biology


Thursday 27 September, Euler International Center

10.00 A.G.Pronko Density correlation functions at infinite anisotropy


11.00 Coffee-break


11.30 N.M.Bogolyubov to be confirmed


13.00-14.00 Lunch


14.30 P.P.Kulish Gaudin models and Lie superalgebras


15.40 S.Yu.Slavjanov Fourier transform: mathematical and experimental approaches



Friday 28 September, Euler International Center


10.00 D.V.Vassilevich Quantum Gravity I


11.00 Coffee-break


11.30 V.Novozhilov Color Skyrmions in QCD


13.00-14.00 Lunch


14.00 M.Bordag Casimir Effect II


15.00 S.Paston Light-cone Physics II


16.10 D.Vassilevich Quantum Gravity II



Saturday, 29 September, Euler International Center


10.00 V.Marachevsky Casimir effect on sphere


11.00 Coffee-break


11.30 N.Antonov Critical indices


13.00-14.00 Lunch


14.30 V.V.Vechernin Cumulative Processes


15.30 V.V. Vereschagin Low energy meson physics and analyticity


16.45 General discussion