First announcement



St. Petersburg, June 4-10 2001


The conference on Stochastic Analysis and Related Topics will be held at the Euler Institute, St. Petersburg (Russia), 4-10 June 2001. It is organized in the framework of the INTAS network INTAS-99-00559 (see News and Meetings at the Internet site


St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful European cities and June is the time of the so-called 'white nights' when the city is the most charming. Those who are interested in taking part in the conference should fill in the application form.


Accommodation will be organized in the hotels of St. Petersburg. Also the participants, who are not members of the above INTAS network, would be asked to pay a conference fee of approximately $50. The Program and Organizing Committees will do their best to reduce the amount of the fee.


Program Committee

       S. Albeverio (Bonn)

       V. Bachtin (Minsk)

       Ya.Belopolskaya (vice-chairman, St.Petersburg)

       Z. Brzezniak (Hull)

       V. Bogachev (Moscow)

       K.D. Elworthy (chairman, Warwick)

       Yu.Gliklikh (Voronezh)

       Yu.Kondratiev (Kiev/Bielefeld)

       T.Lyons (Oxford)

       S.Machno (Donetsk)

       G.Milstein (Ekaterinburg)

       E.Pardoux (Marseille)

       M.Roeckner (Bielefeld)

       T.Toronjadze (Tbilisi)

       A.Veretennikov (Leeds/Moscow)

Organizing Committee

        I. Ibragimov (director of POMI, co-chairman)

        K.D. Elworthy (co-chairman, Warwick)

        Ya. Belopolskaya (vice -chairman, St. Petersburg)

        Yu. Gliklikh (Voronezh)

        L. Klebanov (St. Petersburg)

        V. Shelkovich (St.Petersburg)

        N.Smorodina (St. Petersburg)

        E. Novikova (St.Petersburg)

Deadline for registration is January, 15, 2001.