11th Summer St.Petersburg Meeting in Mathematical Analysis

August 15 - 20, 2002




THURSDAY, August 15


9:30 – 10.30       REGISTRATION


10:30                  OPENING


10:35 – 11:20      V.Peller. A characterization of very badly approximable matrix functions


   Coffee break


12:00 – 12:45      N.Young. Operator models and the symmetrised bidisc




15:00 – 15:20      V.L.Oleinik. Boundary value problem for Laplacian with data on singular (polar) sets


15:25 – 15:45      Yu.Gordon. The composition operators on the space of Dirichlet series with square
                        summable coefficients


15:50 – 16:10      V.Lebedev. On the Fourier transform of the characteristic functions of the domains
                                                in $R^n$


   Coffee break


16:30 – 16:50      N.A.Shirokov. Holder classes on subset on line and approximation by entire functions


16:55 – 17:15      A.M.Kotochigov. The condition of interpolation between disk-algebra and analytic
                            Holder spices


17:20 – 17:40      E.Doubtsov. Weak outer inner functions


FRIDAY, August 16


10:00 – 10:45      A.Poltoratski. Arguments of Cauchy transforms


   Coffee break


11:05 – 11:50      P.Kurasov. High order supersingular perturbations of self-adjoint operators


11:55 – 12:40      S.Kupin. On the singular spectrum of Schrődinger operators with decaying potential




15:00 – 15:20      Yu.B.Farforovskaya. Some remarks about functions of operators


15:25 – 15:45      A.V.Kiselev. Linear resolvent growth condition, similarity problem and the spectral
                         structure for the Friedrichs model operator


15:50 – 16:10      M.A.Nudelman. The Krein string and characteristic functions of maximal dissipative


   Coffee break


16:30 – 16:50      A.Dahlner. Norm controlled inversion in Quasi-Banach algebras


16:55 – 17:15      A.Baranov. Weighted Bernstein-type inequalities for coinvariant subspaces of the shift


17:20 – 17:40      G.G.Amosov. On Markovian perturbations in quantum probability from the viewpoint
                         of functional analysis

SATURDAY, August 17




18:00             BOAT TRIP


SUNDAY, August 18


10:00 – 10:45      A.Aleman. Single point extremal functions in Bergman-type spaces


   Coffee break


11:05 – 11:50      A.Yger. About some recent developments in multidimensional residue theory, with some
                    of their applications


11:55 – 12:40      Yu. I. Karlovich. Toeplitz operators with oscillating matrix symbols




15:00 – 15:20      V.V.Kapustin. On the similarity to singular unitary operators


15:25 – 15:45      S.I.Iakovlev. Description  of the structure of singular spectrum for Friedrichs model
                         operator near  singular point


15:50 – 16:10         N.F.Abuzyarova. On some geometric property of domain of analyticity for solutions
                              of homogeneous convolution equations


   Coffee break


16:30 – 16:50      G.M.Gubreev. Representability of de Branges matrix in the form of Blaschke-Potapov
                          product and the completeness of some families of functions


16:55 – 17:15      A.Shapiro. Explicit description of the border of a quadrature domain as the border of
                       the image of the unit disc under conformal transformation


17:20 – 17:40      M.Hirnyk. Asymptotics of the logarithmitic derivative of Dzhrbashyan product


MONDAY, August 19


10:00 – 10:20         V.I.Vasyunin. The sharp constants in the John—Nirenberg and the reverse H\"older


10:25 – 10:45      I.Kh.Musin. Paley-Wiener type theorems for weighted spaces of infinitely differentiable


   Coffee break


11:05 – 11:50      D.Beliaev. On dimension of porous measures


11:55 – 12:40      V.V.Vlasov. Spectral problems arising in the theory of functional differental equations ls




15:00 – 15:20      M.G.Volkova. Unconditional bases in Hilbert spaces consisting of values of an entire
                                                     vector-functions whose order is 1/2


15:25 – 15:45      K.Dyakonov. Extreme points in some spaces of polynomials


   Coffee break




M.Yu.Andramonov. New approaches in set-valued analysis


M.Gamal. Lattices of invariant subspaces of contractions of class $C_{\cdot 0$


S.Novikov. On the duality between function and sequence spaces


E.L.Patsevich. On topological principles of mapping theory


M.Shchukin. Non-trivial $C^{*$-algebras


A.Shishkina. About conversion of L'Hospital rule for analytic functions in the unit disk


L.O.Silva. The Uniform Levinson Theorem and Spectral Properties of Some Jacobi Matrices


K.Tintarev. Nonlinear elliptic problems on Lie groups





TUESDAY, August 20


10:00 – 10:45      H.Hedenmalm. Dirichlet spaces and the area theorem


   Coffee break


11:05 – 11:50      V.Ya.Eiderman. Landkof-type theorem on estimates of potentials and its applications


11:55 – 12:40      M.M.Malamud. Spectral theory of operator measures