Second Russian-German Geometry Meeting
dedicated to 90-anniversary of A.D.Alexandrov

June 16-23, 2002

Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The Meeting to be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia) on June 16-23, 2002; i.e. on the third week of June, which is the best season (peak of the White Nights) at St-Petersburg.

We expect that geometers from many countries will participate in the Meeting.

Please take into account that according to the Russian Government regulations every foreign visitor to Russia should get a VISA at the Russian Consulate. The Euler International Mathematical Institute will provide the invitation to apply for a Russian visa, but you should fill in our Registration Form in time (the procedure could takes about a month). This invitation will be issued by the Government Department and ensure obtaining the visa automatically.

Let us attract your attention to:

  • Mrs. E.Novikova also expect to receive the copy of main page of your valid passport either by FAX: +7 812 234 5819, +7 812 310 5377 or the scanned copy as an e-mail attachment;
  • Each accompanying person also should provide the Application Form and passport image.
We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Unfortunately the Euler International Mathematical Institute has no possibility to cover your travel expenses and your local expenses during your stay.

The arrival and departure days are June 16 and June 23, respectively. The price of a single bed-room in St.Petersburg will be about $60-70 per night.

The organizing fee is $100. In the case of including the meal (three times a day) the fee is $150.

We hope that the Meeting will be supported by RFBR, and it will allow to cover a part of travel and local expenses of the PARTICIPANTS FROM RUSSIA. The organizing fee of participants from Russia (and likely from Ukraine) will be covered by our grants also.

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