Second Announcement


July 3-8, 2003, Saint Petersburg, Russia


1. Plenary Sessions

Include 60-min and 45-min lectures on the main topics of the conference.

Tentative 60-min Plenary Speakers

2. Special Session on Bivariate Splines

Organizer: Oleg Davydov

Scope: theoretical and practical aspects of bivariate piecewise polynomial splines, including basis constructions, approximation and interpolation methods, generalizations to more than two variables and to manifolds, tension methods, spline multiresolution, applications to scattered data fitting.

Preliminary List of Speakers

3. Parallel Sessions

Include 45-min lectures and 20-min talks

(A) Wavelets

(B) Splines (C) Engineering Applications (D) Related Topics in Approximation Theory and Functional Analysis

4. Poster Session


The authors should submit the electronic copy of the abstract to the conference address until May 1, 2003. The abstract should be LaTeX-formatted in the style Article. It should contain a title, names of the authors, an official address and e-mail address and should not exceed one page.


If you need Russian visa, please, fill in all the items in the registration form and fax a copy of your passport until March 25, 2003 (see comments to the registration form for details). We will provide you "official invitations" needed for visa formalities. These invitations will be authorized by a governmental department and will imply obtaining a visa nearly automatically. The processing costs will be added to the registration fee. Today price is $12 per person, but the price is expected to be changed in near future. If you have questions concerning visa, please, apply to Mrs. Elena Novikova .


Two morning sessions will be substituted for cultural events. A bus excursion over the city (or its neighborhoods) and a boat/bus trip "Night St. Petersburg" is supposed to be arranged. Also, we plan to arrange a visit to the tomb of Euler. More detailed information will be given later.


Early July in St. Petersburg is usually sunny and hot, 25-27 C. But the climate is not stable, it may happen to be raining, it my be any temperature from 15 to 33 C.