Program of the conference

Kantorovich memorial.

“Mathematics and economics: old problems and new approaches”

(can be changed)

January, 7, Wednesday, POMI

(St.Petersburg department of Steklov Mathematical Institute; Fontanka, 27)

16.00—18.00            Registration

January, 8, Thursday; POMI

09.00—10.30            Registration

First session: Opening (Chairman: A.Vershik)

10.45—11.00            Opening ceremony

11.00—11.50            V. Makarov          Kantorovich type of optimization and institute calculus

12.00—12.50            V. Polterovich       Innovation, Imitation and Economic Development

13.00—14.00           Lunch

14.00—14.50            G. Trofimov          L. V. Kantorovich and theory of economic growth

15.00—15.50            B. Polyak              Newton-Kantorovich method and its global convergence

16.30                             Cocktail

January, 9; Friday; EIMI

(Euler International mathematical institute; Pesochnaja nab, 10)

Second session. Monge–Kantorovich problem (Chairman: I.Romanovsky)

09.30—10.00            A. Vershik            History of Kantorovich metric and its applications in dynamical


10.10—11.00            W. Gangbo           Applications of the Monge-Kantorovich theory to kinetic theory

11.10—11.30            Coffee break

11.30—12.20            A. Shnirel’man      The Monge-Kantorovich Problem and the Fluid Dynamics

12.30—13.00            V. Levin           The Monge-Kantorovich problem: explicit solutions and applications

in demand analysis

13.10—13.40            A. Sobolevskij      Optimal mass transportation methods in cosmological reconstruction

13.50—15.00            Lunch

Third session “Physical economics” (Chairman: G. Gumerman)

15.00—15.50            V. Sergeev            Rationality, property rights, and thermodynamic approach to market equilibrium

16.00—16.40            D. Smith           Classical thermodynamics and economic general equilibrium theory

16.50—17.10            Coffee break

17.10—17.40            D. Leites           Parameters of stability for nonholonomic systems (from supergravity

 to market economy)

17.50—18.20            A. Kuzmin            The classification of investment mechanisms and mathematical

modelling of investment markets

January, 10; Saturday, EIMI

Fourth session “Mathematical and economical models” (Chairman: W. Gangbo)

10.00—10.50            Ch. Schmidt          From linear programming to game theory: historical survey and future prospect

11.00—11.50            V. Vasil’ev            On some KB-spaces of the infinite cooperative games

12.00—12.30            Coffee break

12.30—13.00            V. Danilov            Discrete convexity on integer lattice

13.10—13.40            S. Pecherskij         Some applications of the theory of superlinear multivalued maps in

game theory

13.40—15.00            Lunch

Chairman: V. Levin

15.00—15.30            A. Shananin          Problem of intgrability in the theory of rational behavior

15.40—16.10            V. Matveenko       Theory of economical growth and dynamics of Russian economics

16.10—16.30            Coffee break

16.30—17.00                V. Marakulin         Equilibrium analysis in Kantorovich's spaces (linear vector-lattices)

17.10—17.40                R. Khlebopros      Why do people love and hate capitalism and why socialism cannot

be eradicated

January, 11; Sunday; EIMI

10.00—13.00            Excursion (from EIMI)

13.30—15.00            Lunch

15.00                            Memorial session dedicated to L.V. Kantorovich

S. Novikov; V. Kantorovich, S. Men’shikov, S. Kutateladze, A. Vershik, et al.

18.00                            Banquet

January, 12, Monday; POMI

Fifth session: closing (Chairman: A. Vershik)

10.00—10.50            L. Klein                Estimation of IT Productivity from Input-Output Accounts of Three

Decades, the Case of the USA.

11.00—11.50            G. Gumerman.      Adoption and intensification of agriculture in the prehistoric American


12.00—12.20            Coffee break

12.20—13.10            M. Dempster        Dynamic Stochastic Optimization

13.20—14.10            S. Kutateladze      The Path and Space of Kantorovich

January, 13; Tuesday; EIMI

Sixth session: functional analysis (Chairman: S. Kutateladze)

10.00—10.30            E. Mukhacheva     L.V. Kantorovich and Cutting-Packing Problems

10.40—11.30            G. Litvinov            Dequantization and idempotent functional analysis

11.40—12.00            Coffee break

12.00—12.30            A. Ioffe                On Hahn-Banah-Kantorovich theorem

12.40—13.10            A. Florinskij          On measures that have values in a vector space

13.20—13.50            J. Jaroszewska      To stability of measures and solutions of differential equations via Kantorovich-Rubinstein Maximum Principle