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in Association schemes 

July  5 - 7, 2005




The conference will be held at the Euler Institute (St. Petersburg,
Pesochnaya nab., 10). The place is near the river Malaya Nevka, at
equal distances (15-20 min. on foot) from the metro stations
"Petrogradskaya" and "Chernaya Rechka". Look at our metro scheme at


and find the mark "X" on the map at


A picture of the EIMI is available at



For the participants who asked for this in the registration form, rooms
have been reserved at the hotel "Nord",
and "Nauka" (pr. Engelsa, 65).


We are going to meet you at the airport.
Alternatively, you may take bus no. 13 at "Pulkovo" international
terminal, which will bring you to the metro station "Moskovskaya".
It takes about 30 minutes to reach the stations "Petrogradskaya"
or "Chernaya Rechka" (by a direct train). From both stations you
may take bus no. 1 or 46 or trolley-bus no.34 that goes to Pesochnaya
Naberezhnaya (two stops), or minibuses no.46, 76, 252, 298, and 321
(you should ask to stop before the Kamennoostrovskii most(bridge),
1km from the station).


Euros and US dollars are exchanged by all exchange offices; however,
other currencies may cause some difficulties (bad rate or no bank to
exchange). Now the average rate is around 34.70 RBL for 1 euro
and 28.60 RBL for 1 USD. Personal and Traveller's checks,
as well as credit cards, are usually accepted at all major banks in the city.

Be sure TO AVOID exchanging your currency NEAR exchange offices.


The weather is variable. The average temperature in July is about 17 C.
So, usually it is about 20 C during the day. It may be rainy.


Here are some phone numbers to be used if you feel that you are lost upon
arrival, or in case of other difficulties:

EIMI: Pesochnaya naberezhnaya, 10.
234-92-45 (a person on duty; does not speak English)
234-05-74 Elena Novikova

POMI: naberezhnaya reki Fontanki, 27 (Steklov Mathematical Institute)
312-40-58 secretary (does not speak English), but can connect with I.Ponomarenko.