17-20 August 2006
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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The Conference be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute.

The organising Committee of the Conference consists of

  • N. Uraltseva (St. Petersburg, chair)
  • D. Apushkinskaya (St. Petersburg)
  • P. Markowich (Vienna, Austria)
  • N. Matevosyan (Vienna, Austria)
  • G. Seregin (St. Petersburg)
  • H. Shahgholian (Stockholm, Sweden)
List of Invited Speakers
  • A.A.Arkhipova (St. Peterburg, Russia) "Regularity problem for a class of strong nonlinear elliptic systems"
  • M.Bildhauer (Saarbruecken, Germany) "Higher integrability of functions with applications to regularity theory of variational integrals"
  • N.I.Ivochkina (St. Peterburg, Russia) "PDE approach to geometric evolution problems"
  • V.A.Kondratiev (Moscow, Russia) "On blowing-up solutions of linear second order parabolic problems with nonlinear boundary value conditions"
  • P.Markowich (Vienna, Austria) "On Nonlinear Diffusions derived from Kinetic BGK-Models"
  • V.G. Maz'ya (Linkoping, Sweden) "Boundedness of the gradient and the Hessian of a biharmonic function"
  • A.I.Nazarov (St. Peterburg, Russia) "Hardy-Sobolev inequalities in cones and Dirichlet problem to nonlinear Schroedinger equation"
  • V.G.Osmolovsky (St. Peterburg, Russia) TBA
  • S.I.Pokhozhaev (Moscow, Russia) "Blow-up for nonlinear hyperbolic equations with nonlocal nonlinearity"
  • G.A.Seregin (St. Peterburg, Russia) "Regularity for suitable weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations in critical Morrey spaces"
  • V.A.Solonnikov (St. Peterburg, Russia) "Estimates of the solutions of the evolution Stokes problem in weighted Holder norms"
  • T.O.Shaposhnikova (Linkoping, Sweden) "The Dirichlet problem in Lipschitz domains with boundary data in Besov spaces for higher order elliptic systems with rough coefficients"
  • V.V.Zhikov (Vladimir, Russia) TBA
List of Contributed Talks
  • E. Kalita (Donetsk, Ukraine) "Nonlinear elliptic systems in dual Morrey spaces"
  • V. Kucher (St.Petersburg, Russia) "General formula for the second variation of multiple integrals and new necessary conditions for piecewise smooth strong local minimizers"
  • B. Sirakov (Univ. Paris X, France) "Eigenvalues, the ABP inequality and the Dirichlet Problem for non-proper fully nonlinear elliptic equations"
REGISTRATION FEE 120 euro (with reduction for students and participants from FSU). The registration fee covers invitation and organizational costs, access to all conference's sessions and some extras. Accompanying persons are expected to pay the quarter price.