The International Conference
Analitycal Methods of Celestial Mechanics
July 8-12, 2007                   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

July 8

9.0011.00 Registration

10.3011.00 Coffee break


11.0011.20 Opening ceremony

11.2012.10 Kholshevnikov K. Leonard Euler and Celestial Mechanics

12.1013.00 Elipe A., Riaguas A., Tresaco E. The dynamic of orbits in the potential of a solid circular


13.0014.30 Lunch


14.3015.20 Orlov V.V., Sokolov L.L., Martynova A.I. Three-body problem: classification of trajectories

15.3016.00 Rosaev A. Vasileva J. The Gravisphere Method Algorithm and Temporary Satellite Capture


16.0016.30 Coffee break


16.3017.10 Batrakov Yu.V., Efroimsky M.,Shefer V.A. Nonosculating, osculating and superosculating orbits in celestial mechanics

17.1017.50 Condurache D. Martinusi V. Exact Solution to the Relative Orbital Motion in Eccentric Orbits




 July 9


10.0010.50 Bruno A.D. Families of Periodic Solutions of the Restricted Three-Body Problem

10.5011.30 Valtonen M. Perturbations in the General Three-Body Problem


11.3011.50 Coffee break


11.5012.30 Sidorenko V., Celletti A. About one paradox in the dumbbell satellite attitude

12.3013.00 Varin V. Family of periodic solutions of R3BP for small mass ratios


13.0014.30 Lunch


14.3015.10 Barrabes E., Mondelo J.M., Olle M. Dynamics around the collinear points of the restricted three-body problem

15.1015.40 Batkhin A.B. Hierarchy of peridioc orbit families of spatial Hill's problem


15.4016.00 Coffee break


16.0016.40 Oll´e M., Pacha J.R.A., Villanueva J.. Preservation of low dimensional tori in Hamiltonian 1:-1 resonance


16.4017.20 Lerman L. Hamiltonian dynamics near homoclinic orbits to nonhyperbolic equilibria


17.2018.00 Gonchenko M. On the structure of 1:4 resonances in Henon-like maps

July 10

10.0010.50 Vasiliev N. Integrability and Complexity

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Tkhai V. Nonintegrability of Reversible Conservative Mechanical System with Two Degrees of Freedom. Application to the Three Body Problem

12.1012.50 Bruno A.D., Edneral V.F. Analysis of the local integrability by methods of normal form and power geometry


12.5013.50 Lunch


Excursion Euler in St. Petersburg.
The bus will start from the Euler Institute at 14:00


Boat trip


July 11


10.0010.30 Edneral V. On Implementation of an Algorithm for Construction of Normal Forms

10.3011.10 Zinoun F., Mikram J. Hand-Picked Normal Forms: Introducing The Poincaré Code

11.1011.30 Coffee break

11.3012.10 Petrov A. New simple methods of the calculation of the Hamiltonian normal form

12.1013.00 Delshams A., L´azaro J. T. Pseudonormal forms around saddle-center and saddle-focus equilibria


13.0014.30 Lunch


14.3015.10 Casotto S. and Biscani F. A novel approach to the manipulation of Poisson series in Celestial Mechanics

15.1015.40 Brumberg V., Ivanova T. Analytical Theory of the Earth's Rotation Consistent with the General Planetary Theory

15.4016.20 Kholshevnikov K.V., Kuznetsov E.D. Orbital evolution of Solar System


16.2016.40 Coffee break


16.4017.10 Myullari A., Orlov V. Evolution of the Velocity Field in Dynamical Systems with Two Degrees of Freedom

17.1017.50 Wnuk E. Analytical description of the perturbed relative motion in a satellite formation

17.5019.30 Poster session

        Aleshkina E.Yu. Capture of large satellites in synchronous spin-orbit resonance

        Drobyshevski E.M.,. Orlov V.V, Drobyshevski M.E., Korkov A.V. Rosette-like trajectories of DM particles passing through the Sun and origin of their near-Earth populations

        Melnikov A. Shevchenko I. On the rotational dynamics of Prometheus and Pandora

        Sokolov L., Eskin B. Resonance trajectories in the restricted three- body problem

        Sokolov V. On holomorphy of coordinates with respect to the eccentricities in the three-body planetary problem

        Kiselev O.M. Scattering on a separatrix in parametric autoresonance equation


19.30 Banquette



July 12

 10.0010.50 Shevchenko I. The chaotic layer theory and the dynamics of planetary satellites


10.5011.10 Coffee break


11.1011.50 Souchay J. Orbital effects of largest asteroids on Mars and the Earth

11.5012.20 Tupikova I.. Perturbation theory for an asteroid in gravitational field of migrating planet



13.0014.30 Lunch


14.3015.10 Bruno A.D. Families of Periodic Solutions to the Beletsky Equation


15.1015.40 Medvedev Yu.D., Zabotin A.S. Encounters of the long- period comets with the Kuiper belt asteroids

15.4016.10 Ivashkin V.V., Akhmetshin R.Z., Golikov A.R., Skorokhodov A.P., Tuchin D.A. Lunar Space Trajectories and Methods for their Analysis


16.1016.30 Coffee break


16.3017.00 Petrov N. Stability region boundaries for the motion near to 2:1 resonance with Jupiter in the restricted planar circular three-body problem

17.0017.30 Zheleznov N. The study of gravitational potential of binary asteroid


17.3018.00 Mulkamanov G., Orlov V. Orbit evolution of long-period comets to impact of imminent stars


18.00 Closing ceremony