Saturday, June, 30


  9h15: opening


Semiclassical day


  9h30 - 10h10 : Bernard Helffer.

Semi-classical methods in superconductivity


  10h15 - 10h55 : Alexandre Budylin.

Semiclassical asymptotics of solutions of Riemann-Hilbert problems and their applications to nonlinear equations of mathematical physics


  11h00 - 11h40 : Michael Hitrik.

Spectra for non-selfadjoint operators in the semiclassical limit


  11h40 - 11h55 : coffee


  11h55 - 12h35 : Alain Joye.

Semi-classical intermode transitions for 1+1 space-time scattering systems


  12h40 - 13h20 : Yuri Kordyukov.

The periodic magnetic Schrödinger operators: spectral gaps and tunneling effect


  13h20 14h50 : lunch


  14h50 - 15h30 : Didier Robert.

Supersymmetry vs ghosts


  15h35 - 16h15 : Clotilde Kammerer-Fermanian.

A surface hopping semi-group for quantum chemistry


  16h15 - 16h30 : coffee


  16h30 - 17h10 : Alexei Pozharski

Electron transport in Locally periodical waveguides




Sunday, July 1st

Spectral day


  9h30 - 10h10 : Dmitri Yafaev.

The Schrödinger operator : perturbation determinants, the spectral shift function, trace identities, and all that


  10h15 - 10h55 : Tatiana Suslina.

The spectral approach to homogenization of periodic differential operators


  11h00 - 11h40 : Vladimir Sloutsch.

Generalizations of the Cwikel estimate for the integral operator.


  11h40 - 11h55 : coffee


  11h55 - 12h35 : Nikolai Filonov.

Asymptotics of the spectrum of the Maxwell operator on Lipschitz manifolds


  12h40 - 13h20 : Dmitri Chelkak.

Spectral asymptotics for matrix Hill and Sturm-Liouville operators


  13h20 14h50 : lunch


  14h50 - 15h30 : Galina Perelman.

Stability of the absolutely continuous spectrum for multidimensional Schrödinger operators


  15h35 - 16h15 : Vladimir Sukhanov.

The inverse problem for the Schrödinger operator with matrix non-decaying potential


  16h15 - 16h30 : coffee


  16h30 - 17h10 : Sergei Nazarov.

A criterion for continuous spectra of self-adjoint systems in peak-shaped domains


  17h15 - 17h55 : Valentine Strazdin.

One dimensional Schrödinger operators on the semiaxis: differential equation in the spectral parameter for generalized eigenfunctions and string equation



Monday, July 2nd


Quasi-periodic morning


   09h30 - 10h10 : Frédéric Klopp.

Lyapounoff exponents and singular continuous spectrum I


  10h15 - 10h55 : Alexandre Fedotov.

Lyapounoff exponents and singular continuous spectrum II


  11h00 : coffee and end of the conference