The International Conference
applications to logic, representation theory, mathematical physics
June 1 - 7, 2007                   Saint-Petersburg, Russia

May 31

17.0020.00 Registration

June 1 (General, Combinatorics)

9.009.45 Registration

Chairman: A.Vershik

9.4510.00 Opening ceremony

10.0010.50 Lando S. Combinatorics of Hurwitz numbers and integrable hierarchies

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Raigorodskii A. Coloring problems in combinatorial geometry

12.0012.50 Friedman S. Cantor's set theory from the modern point of view

13.0014.30 Lunch

Chairman: S.Lando

14.3015.20 Tarasov V. Bethe ansatz and Schubert calculus

15.3016.20 Postnikov A. Euler, Grassmann, Schubert, and total positivity

16.2016.40 Coffee break

16.4017.10 Nathanson M. Sums, differences, and products of finite sets of integers

17.1517.45 Gasparyan A. Multidimensional matrices and combinatorics

17.5018.20 Kastermans B. Separating Notions of Randomness


June 2 (Geometry, Groups, Combinatorics)

10.0010.50 Batyrev V. Combinatorial aspects of mirror symmetry

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Yuzvinsky S. Completely reducible hypersurfaces in a pencil

12.1013.00 Feichtner-Kozlov D. Combinatorial algebraic topology

13.0014.30 Lunch

14.3015.20 Reshetikhin N. Fluctuations of random plane partitions

15.3016.20 Malyutin A. Stability of Markov-Ivanovsky normal form and boundary of braid groups

16.2016.40 Coffee break

16.4017.00 Wysoczanski J. A non-commutative bm-independendce and non-commutative central limit theorems associated with symmetric cones

17.0517.35 Shen A. Fixed point aperiodic tilings

17.4018.00 Petrov F. Rational points on convex curves and surfaces

18.0518.25 Pushkarev I. Fractal rotation of plane planted trees

June 3


Excursion Euler in St. Petersburg.
The bus will start from the Euler Institute at 10:00


June 4 (Algebra, Set theory, Combinatorics)

9.4010.30 Lubotzky A. Finite simple groups as expanders

10.3010.50 Coffee break

11.1512.05 De Luca A. Sturmian sequences and their generalizations: recent developments

12.1012.40 Wilson R. Euler's science of combinatorics

12.4013.30 Karhumyaki J. Dimension properties of words

13.3015.00 Lunch

15.0015.50 Kanovei V. Canonization of Borel equivalence relations on large sets

16.0016.50 Di Nasso M. A euclidean measure of sets

16.5017.10 Coffee break

17.1517.45 Saveliev D. The P-operation

17.5018.10 Mishchenko A. About universal equivalence for partially commutative groups of nilpotent class 2

18.1518.35 Treyer A. Existential formulas for partially commutative groups of nilpotent class 2


June 5 (Representation theory, Combinatorics)

10.0010.50 Koshevoi G. The octahedron recurrence and RSK-correspondence

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Borodin A. Large time fluctuations of the totally asymmetric simple exclusion process

12.1013.00 Fomin S. Cluster complexes of bordered surfaces

13.0014.30 Lunch

14.3015.20 Thomas S. The quasi-isometry relation for finitely generated groups

15.3016.20 Rosso M. Quantum groups and algebraic combinatorics

16.2016.40 Coffee break

16.4017.30 Hernandez D. Character formulas for (twisted) quantum affine algebras

17.3518.05 Dotsenko V. Koszulness of the bi-Hamiltonian operad, double Orlik-Solomon algebras and related questions

18.1018.40 Chu W. Abel method on summation by parts and balanced q-series identities

18.4519.05 Goryachko E. Parabolic restrictions of representations of groups GL(n,q) in connection with combinatorics


June 6 (Logic, Combinatoric)

10.0010.50 Hrushovsky E. Logic and motivic integration

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Brendle J. What are cardinal invariants of the continuum?

12.1013.00 Nesetril Ja. Many faces of (homomorphisms) dualities

13.0014.30 Lunch

14.3015.20 Ivanov A. Groups having nice enumerations

15.3016.00 Talambutsa A. Free products of cyclic groups with achieved uniform growth rate

16.0016.20 Coffee break

16.2016.50 Rybalov A. Generic Complexity of Undecidable Problems

16.5517.25 Tonchev V. Self-orthogonal codes derived from generalized weighing matrices

17.3018.00 Panyukova T. Special routes in flat graphs

June 7 (Math.Phys, Probability, Combinatorics)

10.0010.50 Sinai Ya. Limit theorems in ergodic theory

10.5011.10 Coffee break

11.1012.00 Malyshev V. Why and how the electrons flow in electric current

12.1012.30 Gorbulsky A. Combinatorics of filtrations of σ-algebras, generated by random walks on groups

12.3013.00 Blagoveschenskaja E. Combinatorics and graphs in direct decomposition theory of countable rank torsion-free abelian groups

13.00 Closing session