The International Conference

June 1 - 7, 2008                   Saint-Petersburg, Russia






Sunday, June 1


14:30–15:30 Registration

15:30–15:40 Opening

15:40–16:40 S. Friedman "Research at the Goödel Center" (tutorial)

               1. The Hyperuniverse and Go"del Maximality

16:40–17:00 Coffee break

17:00–17:50 M. Arslanov  "Degree structures in the difference hierarchy"

17:50–18:05 Coffee break

18:05–18:50 M. Arslanov  “Generalized truth-table reducibilities in the difference hierarchy”

19:00–19:55 movie "Julia Robinson and Hilbert's tenth problem"

20:00–          WELCOME PARTY


Monday, June 2


10:00–11:00 S. Friedman "Research at the Gödel Center" (tutorial)

               2. The Internal Consistency and Outer Model programmes

11:00–11:20 Coffee break

11:20–12:20 A. Rybalov  "Generic complexity of first-order theories"


12:30–14:00 Lunch


14:30–15:20 F.Petrov, A.Vershik  A. "How to define invarinat statistics on the set of universal objects of model theory"

15:20–15:40 Coffee break

15:40–16:30 B. Kastermans  “Stability and Posets”

16:30–16:55 V. Vasilyev, M. Vsemirnov  "On (2,3)-generation of group Sp(8,Z)"

16:55–17:20 D. Smelyanskiy  "Uniqe expressibility and definitions in second order logic"


Tuesday, June 3


10:00–11:00 S. Friedman "Research at the Go"del Center" (tutorial)

               3. Model Theory and Computation Theory from a set-theoretic perspective

11:00–11:20 Coffee break

11:20–12:20 S. Goncharov "Turing Complexity of Models of Uncountably Categorical Theories"


12:30–14:00 Lunch


14:30–15:30 Yu. Matiyasevich "Hilbert's tenth Problem I" (tutorial)

15:30–16:20 B. Poonen  "Rational solutions to polynomial equations"

16:20–16:40 Coffee break

16:40–17:30 M. Davis  "A Conjecture Concerning Poonen's Large Subring of Q"

17:30–18:20 P. D'Aquino  "Exponential rings"

19:00–          PARTY



Wednesday, June 4


10:30–12:30 Visiting the State Hermitage

12:30–           Free time


Thirsday, June 5


10:00–11:00 Yu. Matiyasevich "Hilbert's tenth Problem II" (tutorial)

11:00–11:20 Coffee break

11:20–12:20 Yu. Nesterenko "Roots of polynomials in $p$-adic fields"


12:30–14:00 Lunch


14:30–15:20 N. Durov  "Stacks as intuitionistic categories I"

15:20–15:40 Coffee break

15:40–16:30 A. Iwanow  "Zeta functions corresponding to isometry groups of a rooted tree"

16:30–16:55 B. Moroz  "Diophantine equations and proof theory" (in Russian with slides in English)



Friday, June 6


10:00–11:00 Yu. Matiyasevich "Hilbert's tenth Problem III" (tutorial)

11:00–11:20 Coffee break

11:20–12:20 O. Belegradek  "Definable relations in the complex field with reals and a subgroup of the unit circle"


12:30-14:00 Lunch


14:30–15:20 N. Durov "Stacks as intuitionistic categories II"

15:20–15:40 Coffee break

15:40–16:30 A. Wigderson "Randomness -- a computational complexity view"

16:40–17:30 A. Bovykin  "Some old and new ideas in unprovability theory"

17:30–          General Discussion and Closing after.


Saturday, June 7


Free time