The International Conference Polynomial Computer Algebra

April 4-7, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Euler International Mathematical Institute

April 4

10.0011.00 Registration, coffee


11.0011.15 Opening ceremony


11.2012.10 Gerdt V. and Zinin M. Boolean Groebner Bases and Involutive Divisions


12.1513.00 Kornyak V. Discrete Dynamical Systems and Their Symmetries


13.0015.00 Lunch


15.0015.45 Blinkov Yu. A. Specialized Computer Algebra System GINV


15.5016.30 Yanovich D. A. Parallel Computation of Gröbner and Involutive Bases


16.3016.50 Coffee break


16.5017.30 Malaschonok G. and Valeev Yu. Parallel polynomial recursive algorithms


17.3018.00 Pereslavtseva O. Computation of characteristic polynomial of integer matrices.





April 5


10.0010.50 Chistov A. A Survey of Algorithms Related to the Problem of Solving Systems of Polynomials Equations with the Complexity Polynomial in $d^n$"


10.5011.30 Soloviev S. Proof Theory and the Study of Diagrams in Closed Categories


11.3011.50 Coffee break


11.5012.30 Proskurin N. About computation of zeros of L-functions


12.3013.00 Faizullin R. Functionals associated with Hamiltonian Circuit problem


13.0015.00 Lunch


15.0015.45 Zobnin A. Differential Standard Bases with respect to Reverse Lexicograpical Orderings   


15.4516.30 Vassiliev N. Monomial Combinatorics of Polynomial Ideals.


16.3017.00 Coffee break


17.0017.30 Betin A. About calculating of complex roots of polynomials.

17.3018.00 Efimovskaya O.V. Integrable ordinary differential equations on associative algebras


April 6

10.0010.50 Chistov A, Double-Exponential Lower Bound for the Degree of any System of Generators of a Polynomial Prime Ideal


10.5011.10 Coffee break


11.1012.00 Akritas A., Quadratic Complexity Bounds on the Values of Positive Roots of Polynomials


12.1012.50 Vassiliev N, and Pavlov D., Enumeration of finite monomial orderings and Young tableaux


12.5014.10 Lunch


Excursion to the Pushkin Palace and Amber room

The bus will start from the Euler Institute at 14:15



April 7


10.0010.40 Malaschonok N. Estimation of accuracy of polynomial roots in the algorithm for symbolic solving of differential equations


10.4011.10 Lapaev . Comparison of polynomial multiplication algorithms

11.1011.30 Coffee break


11.3012.10 Mylläri A. and Gogin N. A Recurrent Algorithm for Conway Matrices Related to a Non-transitive Head-or-Tail Game12.1013.00


12.1012.40 Vodolagskaya E. Radon transformation on finite plane


12.4013.10 Kazakov A.Ya., Slavyanov S.Yu., Integral Euler transform for isomonodronically deformed Heun equation


13.1015.00 Lunch


15.0016.00 Round table discussion. Open problems of modern Polynomial Computer Algebra.


Closing of the Conference