The International Conference 

Polynomial Computer Algebra

April 8-12, 2009

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Euler International Mathematical Institute

April 8  


10.0011.00 Registration, coffee

11.0011.15 Opening the conference


11.2012.10 Lorenzo Robbiano (Genova University, Italy). Oil Fields and Hilbert Schemes

12.1513.00 Vladimir Gerdt (JINR, Russia). Algebraically Simple Involutive PDEs and Cauchy Problem


13.0015.00 Lunch


15.0015.45 Vladimir Gerdt (JINR, Russia), Mikail Zinin (JINR, Russia) and Yuri Blinkov (Saratov University, Russia). On computation of Boolean involutive bases

15.5016.30 Nikolay Vassiliev (PDMI, Russia). On Extended Universal Groebner Bases.


16.3016.50 Coffee break


16.5017.20 Nikita Gogin, Aleksandr Mylläri (Turku University, Finland) and Tatiana Mylläri (Åbo University, Finland). Conway Matrices Related to a Non-transitive Head-or-Tail Game with a q-sided die.

17.2017.45 Oxana Pereslavtseva (Tambov University, Russia). Computation of characteristic polynomial for polynomial matrix

17.4518.15 Maxim Kalinin (Moscow State University, Russia).  The universal Groebner basis of maximal minors           


18. 30                         WELCOME PARTY


April 9  


10.0010.45 Nikolay Proskurin (PDMI, Russia). Computation of Rankin-Selberg convolutions of Maass wave forms L-functions


10.4511.25 Anatoly Vershik (PDMI, Russia), Dmitry Pavlov (SPb StU, Russia). Some numerical and algorithmical problems in the asymptotical representation theory


11.2511.50 Coffee break


11.5012.30 Alkiviadis Akritas (Volos University, Greece). Vincent's Theorem of 1836: Overview and Future Research

12.3013.00 Doru Stefanescu and Simeon Evlakhov (JINR, Russia).  On complexity of CF-algorithm for polynomial real roots isolation

13.0013.25 Andrei Betin (Tambov University, Russia). Parallel algorithm for adjoint matrix computation


13.2515.00 Lunch


15.0015.45 Stephen Watt (University of Western Ontario, Canada).  Algorithms for the functional decomposition of symbolic polynomials.

15.5016.30 Alexander Tiskin (Warwick University, United Kingdom). Fast distance multiplication of unit-Monge matrices


16.3016.50 Coffee break


16.5017.30 Ronen Peretz (Ben Gurion University, Israel) and Pablo A. Parrilo. An application of semidefinite programming for circle packings.

17.3018.00 Gennady Malaschonok (Tambov University, Russia). Classes structure for ParCA-2 system

 April 10


10.0010.50 Alexander  Chistov (PDMI, Russia). Effective normalization of a nonsingular in codimension one projective algebraic variety


10.5011.10 Coffee break


11.1012.00 Nikolay Vassiliev (PDMI, Russia) and Dmitry Pavlov (SPb StU, Russia).  Non-Noetherian Reduction of Polynomials

12.0012.50 Victor Levandovsky (Aachen University, Germany). Computational Challenges in D-module Theory


12.5014.15 Lunch


Excursion  to the  Yusupov  Palace


The bus will start from the Euler Institute at 14:30

April 11


10.0010.50 Jean Charles Faugere (INRIA, France). Efficient algorithms to compute Groebner Bases and applications in Cryptology

10.5011.30 Vladimir Kornyak (JINR, Russia). Gauge Invariance and Quantization in Discrete Dynamical Systems


11.3011.50 Coffee break


11.5012.30 Marina Kondratieva, Alexey Zobnin (Moscow University, Russia). Some Properties of Ordinary Differential Polynomials

12.3013.05 A.El Khoury, Sergei Soloviev, L. Mehats and M.Spivakovsky (Toulouse  University, France). On Categories of Semimodules over Semirings and Varieties of Closed Categories


13.0513.35 Stepan Orevkov (Toulouse, France; MI RAS, Russia). Classification of the system of orthogonal polynomials in two variables.


13.3515.00 Lunch


15.0015.45 Ernst Mayr (TU Munich, Germany). Space-efficient computation for low-dimensional polynomial ideals

15.4516.30 Alexander Bruno  and Victor Edneral (Moscow University, Russia).  Integrability Analysis of Polynomial ODE Systems


16.3016.50 Coffee break


16.5017.20 Timur Seifullin (Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, Ukraine). Computation of a polynomial basis ideal by extension product of bounded root functionals

17.2017.50 Olga Efimovskaya (Moscow University, Russia). Decompositions of the loop algebra over so(4)  and integrable nonlinear differential equations.

17.5018.20  Natasha Malaschonok (Tambov University, Russia). An algorithm for symbolic solving systems of partial differential equations



April 12


10.0010.40 Daniel Robertz (Aachen University, Germany). Noether normalization guided by monomial cone decompositions

10.4011.10 Nikolai Vavilov, Alexander Luzgarev and Alexei Stepanov (Saint-Petesburg State University, Russia). Calculations in exceptional groups


11.1011.30 Coffee break


11.3011.55 Ioannis N. Parasidis (TEI  Larissas, Greece) and P.C. Tsekrekos (TEI  Larissas, Greece). Correct and selfadjoint problems with cubic operators.

11.55 12.20 Theodoros Lokkas (TEI  Larissas, Greece).  Some correct and selfadjoint problems with differential cubic operators.

12.2012.50 Elena Vodolazhskaya (Tambov University, Russia). Radon transform on the plane over a finite ring: a new inversion formula

12.5013.20 Aleksey Lapaev (Tambov University, Russia). Application of DFT-arithmetics in matrix algorithms


13.20 Round table discussion New challenge problems in Polynomial Computer Algebra (V. Gerdt, V. Levandovsky, V, Vassiliev)

Closing the Conference