Plenary talks (Marble Hall)

Saturday, June 19

10.15--11.05 Popov, Vladimir (Moscow) Cross-sections, quotients, and representation rings of semisimple algebraic groups
11.15--12.05 Ringel, Claus Michael (Bielefeld, Germany) The minimal representation-infinite algebras
Coffee break
12.30--13.20 Fontaine, Jean-Marc (Paris, France) p-adic Hodge theory and vector bundles
15.15--18.50 Section talks
Welcome party

Sunday, June 20

10.00--10.50 Benois, Denis (Bordeaux, France) Trivial zeros of p-adic L-functions
11.00--11.50 Zalesski, Alexandre (Milan, Italy) Projective modules and decomposition numbers for Chevalley groups in defining characteristic
Coffee break
12.20-13.10 Bokut, Leonid (Novosibirsk) Some new results on Gröbner-Shirshov bases for linear universal algebras
15.00-19.30 Section talks

Monday, June 21

10.00--10.50 Campillo, Antonio (Valladolid, Spain) Euler characteristics and Poincare series
11.00--11.50 Zarhin, Yuri (PennState univ., USA) Ranks of abelian varieties in towers of function fields
Coffee break
12.20--13.10 Segal, Daniel (Oxford, England) Profinite groups and verbal subgroups
15.00--19.30 Section talks

Tuesday, June 22

9.30--11.00 shipping board
11.00--11.50 Braverman, Alexander (Brown univ., USA) Hecke algebras of p-adic Kac-Moody groups and their applications
Coffee break
12.15--13.05 Parshin, Alexey (Moscow) Representations of adelic groups and arithmetic
13.10--14.00 Merkurjev, Alexander (Los Angeles, USA) Essential domension in algebra
Free time
19.00--21.30 Conference dinner

Wednesday, June 23

10.00--10.50 Zelmanov, Efim (san-Diego, USA) How algebras grow
11.00--11.50 Narvaez Macarro, Luis (Sevilla, Spain) Divided power structures and rings of differential operators
Coffee break
12.20--13.10 Kulikov, Victor (Moscow) Automorphisms of Galois coverings of generic m-canonical projections
15.00--18.30 Section talks

Thursday, June 24

10.00--10.50 Fesenko, Ivan (Nottingham, Great Britain) Analytic and arithmetic ranks of elliptic curves over number fields
11.00--11.50 Karpenko, Nikita (Paris, France) Incompressible varieties
Coffee break
12.20--13.10 Suslin, Andrei (Evanston, USA) To be announced
15.00--19.00 Section talks

Section 1. Algebraic geometry, algebraic number theory and Galois theory

Saturday, June 19 (room 106)

15.15--15.55 Zink, Ernst-Wilhelm (Berlin, Germany) Invariants of Microprimes for p-adic fields (with Julia Mehlig and Ernst Ludwig Wirl)
16.00--16.40 Banaszak, Grzegorz (Poznan, Poland) l-adic Galois representations associated with abelian varieties over number fields
Coffee break
17.00--17.40 Krason, Piotr (Szcecin, Poland) On arithmetic in Mordell-Weil groups
17.40--18.10 Stefan Baranczuk (Poznan, Poland) On some local-global principles for Mordell-Weil type groups
18.15--18.55 Osipov, Denis (Moscow) Harmonic analisys on local fields and adelic spaces

Sunday, June 20 (Marble hall)

15.00--15.40 Ojeda, Ignasio (Badajos, Spain) Doubling rational normal curves
15.45--16.25 Geramita, Anthony (Genova, Italy) Secant Varieties of Classical Varieties: Recent Progress
16.25--16.55 Catalisano, Maria Virginia (Genova, Italy) Dimension of Higher Secant Variet ies of Segre and Segre-Veronese
Coffee break
17.15--17.45 Carlini, Enrico (Torino, Italy) Hilbert functions and configuration of linear spaces
17.50--18.30 Timofeeva, Nadezhda (Yaroslavl) On a compactification of moduli of vector bundles by trees
18.35--19.10 Bashkin, Mikhail, (Rybinsk) Non-split homogeneous supermanifolds with retract CP1/4 kk22

Monday, June 21 (Marble hall)

15.00--15.40 Piontkovski, Dmitri Coherent algebras and noncommutative projective planes
15.45--16.20 Rybakov, Sergey To be announced
Coffee break
16.40--17.10 Monserrat Delpalillo, Francisco Jose (Valencia, Spain) The Poincare series of multiplier ideals of a simple complete ideal
17.20--17.50 Seifullin, Timur (Kiev, Ukraine) An explicit duality in the Koszul complex on an isolated 0-dimensional component of the manifold for non-homogeneous polynomials
17.55--18.30 Anwar, Imran (Lachore, Pakistan) Characterization of f-ideals of degree 2
18.35--19.05 H. Fazaeli Moghimi (Birjand, Iran) On Saturation of Submodules of Modules over Commutaive Rings

Wednesday, June 23 (Marble Hall)

15.00--15.30 Lurie, Boris (St. Petersburg) On embedding problem for local fields with non-Abelian kernel (with V. Ishkhanov)
15.30--15.50 Sergeev, Eduard (Krasnodar) Artin conjecture polynomial analogue
15.55--16.35 Polotovsky, Grigory (Nizhnii Novgorod) On the classification of real decomposable 7th degree curves
Coffee break
17.00--17.30 Moroz, Boris (Bonn, Germany) Elliptic curves defined over imaginary quadratic fields
17.35--18.00 Sergeev, Alexandr (Krasnodar) Polynomials having alternating Galois groups

Thursday, June 24 (Marble hall)

15.00--15.40 Arkhipov, Sergey (Toronto, Canada) Localization for the semi-regular module over an affine Lie algebra
15.45--16.25 Quiros Gracian, Adolfo (Madrid, Spain) Simpson's correspondence and arithmetic differential operators in positive characteristic
Coffee break
16.40--17.20 Petrov, Victor, (Bonn, Germany) Motives of some projective homogeneous varieties of outer type
17.25--18.05 Popov, Sergey (Samara) Essential dimension of algebraic tori
18.10--18.40 Belova Lubov (Samara) Smooth integral models of algebraic tori

Section 2. Algebraic groups, Lie algebras and representation theory

Saturday, June 19 (room 311)

15.15--15.55 Artamonov, Vyacheslav (Moscow) Semisimple finite dimensional Hopf algebras
16.00--16.40 Loktev, Sergey (Moscow) Representations of Multivariable Current Lie algebra
Coffee break
17.00--17.40 Kuznetsov, Mikhail (Nizhny Novgorod) Graded Lie algebras of even characteristic with solvable null-component
17.45--18.15 Ladilova, Anna (Nizhnii Novgorod) On filtered deformations of simple graded Lie algebras of type X
18.20--18.50 Beites, Patricia Damas (Covilha, Portugal) On simple Filippov superalgebras of type A(m,n)

Sunday, June 20 (room 106)

15.00--15.40 Smirnov, Evgeny (Moscow) Schubert calculus and Gelfand-Zetlin polytopes
15.45--16.25 Panov, Aleksandr (Samara) Spherical functions and regular coadjoint orbits
16.25--16.55 Ignatiev, Mikhail (Samara) On combinatorics of B-orbits
Coffee break
17.15--17.45 Sevostianova, Victoria (Samara) The invariant field of the adjoint action of the unitriangular group
17.50--18.15 Lopatin, Artem (Omsk) Free relations for matrix invariants

18.15--18.30 (poster) Shchedryk, Vladimir (Lviv, Ukraine) Factorization and one-side equivalence of matrices over elementary divisor domain
18.30--19.00 Kryukova, Galina (Kiev, Ukraine) Non-negativity criterion for integer quadratic forms

Monday, June 21 (room 106)

15.00--15.40 Basili, Roberta (Perudgia, Itali) Commuting partitions associated to nilpotent matrices
15.45--16.10 Bashkirov, Eugeny (Belgorod) On linear groups of degree four containing the subgroup SL2(k)×SL2(k)
16.15--16.45 Stepanov, Alexei Chevalley groups over rings: Universal localization
Coffee break
17.10--17.40 Zhukavets, Natalia (Prague, Czech Republic) Central and nuclear skew-symmetric elements in alternative algebras
Coffee break
17.45--18.15 Ismailov, Nurlan (Almaty, Kazakhstan) Free Novikov algebras as Sn-module (with A.Dzhumadildaev)
18.15--18.30 (poster) Gritsutenko, Stanislav (Omsk)
Δ-vector in Hilbert Spase

Wednesday, June 23 (room 311)

15.00--15.40 Onishchik, Arkady (Yaroslavl) Parabolic subalgebras and gradings of simple complex Lie superalgebras
15.45--16.25 Bak, Anthony (Bielefeld, Germany) Geometry of Groups and Applications
Coffee break
16.45--17.15 Goncharov, Maksim (Novosibirsk) Malcev Bialgebras
17.20--17.50 Kaygorodov, Ivan (Novosibirsk) On
δ-superderivations of simple Jordan super-algebras
17.55--18.30 Skopenkov, Mikhail (Moscow/Thuwal, Saudi Arabia) Rational link theory and free Lie algebras

Thursday, June 24 (room 106)

15.00--15.40 Vsemirnov, Maksim (St. Petersburg) Hurwitz groups of low rank
15.45--16.20 Stavrova, Anastasia (München/St. Petersburg) To be announced
16.25--16.55 Bunina, Elena (Moscow) Automorphisms of Chevalley groups over rings
17.10--17.45 Voskresenskaya, Galina (Samara) Defining finite groups by modular forms
17.50--18.20 Benyash-Krivets, Valery (Minsk, Belarus) Pseudofinite generalized triangle groups of type (5; 3; 2)
18.20--19.00 Vavilov, Nikolai (St. Petersburg)
The yoga of commutators


Section 3. Homological algebra. Ring theory

Saturday, June 19 (room 203)

15.15--15.55 Puninskiy, Gennady (Moscow) & Toffalori, Carlo (Camerino, Italy) Torsion free pure-injective modules over the integral group ring of the Klein group
16.00--16.40 Musson, Ian (Milwaukee, USA) Monolithic modules over Noetherian rings
Coffee break
17.00--17.30 Siles Molina, Mercedes (Malaga, Spain) On the classification of Leavitt path algebras
17.40--18.10 Arando Pino, Gonzalo (Malaga, Spain) Weakly regular and self-injective Leavitt path algebras
18.20--18.50 Kang, Byung (Pohang, Korea) Krull dimension of the power series ring

Sunday, June 20 (room 203)

15.00--15.40 Herbera, Dolors (Barcelona, Spain) Infinitely generated projective modules over semilocal rings
15.45--16.25 Bovdi, Victor (Debrecen, Hungary) Group rings whose group of units is hyperbolic
16.25--16.55 Bani Hammad, Mohamed A. Salim (UAE) Torsion Units in The Integral Group Ring of The Symmetric Group S
Coffee break
17.15--17.45 Volkov, Yury (St. Petersburg) The Hochschild cohomology algebra for one family of self-injective algebras of tree class Dn
17.50--18.20 Pustovyh, Maria (St. Petersburg) The Hochschild cohomolgy ring of the Moebius algebra

Monday, June 21 (room 203)

15.00--15.40 Estrada Dominguez, Sergio (Murcia, Spain) The homotopy category of the kernel of a cotorsion pair
15.40--16.10 Rodriguez Blancas, Jose Luis (Almeria, Spain) Envelopes and covers for groups
Coffee break

Subsection Abelian groups(room 203)

16.30--17.05 Farukshin, Vladimir, (Moscow) On Galois correspondence for p-local K-decomposable abelian groups
17.10--17.40 Kompantseva Ekaterina (Moscow) Endomorphism rings of abelian E+ groups
17.45--18.15 Shirshova, Elena (Moscow) On partially K-ordered rings
18.20--18.50 Blagoveshchenskaya, Ekaterina (St. Petersburg) Near-isomorphism for torsion free abelian groups
18.55--19.25 Kryuchkov, Nikolai (Ryazan) Locally compact abelian L-coperiodic groups

Wednesday, June 23 (room 203)

15.00--15.40 Ladoshkin, Mikhail (Saransk) Extended simplicial object in homotopy case
15.45--16.25 Generalov, Aleksandr (St. Petersburg) Constructing bimodule resolutions for algebras with small complexity
Coffee break
16.40--17.10 Cojuhari, Elena (Moldova) Differential Structures and Monoid Algebras over non-commutative Rings
17.15--17.45 Agafonov, Anton (Nizhnii Novgorod) Determination of a completely decomposable Abelian groups by their group multiplications

Thursday, June 24 (room 203)

15.00--15.40 Kopeiko, Vyacheslav (Elista) Symbols and transfers
15.45--16.25 Ivanov, Sergey O. (St. Petersburg) Involutions on cohomologies
Coffee break
16.45--17.25 Ivanov, A.A. (St. Petersburg) Hochschild cohomology of algebras of quaternion type
17.30--18.10 Garkusha, Grigory (Swansea, Great Britain) Algebraic Kasparov K-theory
18.15--18.30 (poster) Shavarovski, Bogdan (Lviv, Ukraine) A system of invariants with respect to semiscalar equivalence of polynomial matrices of simple structure


Section 4. Group theory

Saturday, June 19 (Marble hall)

15.15--15.55 Vdovin, Eugeny (Novosibirsk) Intersections of conjugate subgroups in finite groups
16.00--16.40 Amberg Bernhard (Mainz, Germany) Trifactorized groups
Coffee break
17.00--17.30 Aladova, Elena (Israel) Logical separability of algebras (with B.I. Plotkin)
17.35--18.15 Trofimov, Vladimir & Neganova, Elena (Ekaterinburg) Symmetric graph extensions
18.20--18.50 Chow, Ben-Shung (Kaohsiung, Taiwan ROC) A construction of the Sperner familes

Sunday, June 20 (room 311)

15.00--15.40 Revin, Danila (Novosibirsk) On a relation between the Sylow and Baer-Suzuki Theorems
15.45--16.25 Andrey Vasiliev (Novosibirsk) On finite groups isospectral to finite simple groups
16.25--16.55 Zavarnitsine, Andrei (Novosibirsk) Properties of the prime graph of certain simple groups
Coffee break
17.15--17.45 Grechkoseeva Mariya (Novosibirsk) On element orders in coverings of finite simple classical groups
17.50--18.05 Buturlakin, Alexandr (Novosibirsk) The spectra of finite simple exceptional groups
18.05--18.20 Staroletov, Aleksey (Novosibirsk) About composition factors of groups which are isospectral to simplectic and orthogonal groups
18.25--18.40 Lytkina, Daria (Novosibirsk) On periodic groups acting freely on abelian groups
18.40--18.55 Mamontov, Andrey (Novosibirsk) Elements of small orders in periodic groups
19.00--19.10 Eliseev, Mikhail (Nizhnii Novgorod) On the autotopy group of the quasigroup

Monday, June 21 (room 311)

15.00--15.40 Plotkin, Eugene (Ramat Gan, Israel) New trends in solvable groups
15.45--16.25 Kazarin, Lev (Yaroslavl) Periodic groups saturated with dihedral groups, with B. Amberg)
16.25--16.55 Martinez-Pastor, Ana (Valencia, Spain) Theorems of Kegel-Wielandt type for products of
π-decomposable groups
Coffee break
17.15--17.45 Perez-Ramos, M. Dolores (Valencia, Spain) Characterizations of injectors in finite soluble groups
17.50--18.20 Felipe-Roman, Maria-Jose (Valencia, Spain) Finite groups having small conjugate rank
18.25--18.55 Shevlyakov, Artem (Omsk) The problems of universal algebraic geometry int the variety of idempotent semigroups
18.55--19.10 Ehsani, Amir (Mahshahr, Iran) On Operations with a Generalized Entropic Property

Wednesday, June 23 (Room 106)

15.00--15.40 Kondratiev, Anatoly (Ekaterinburg) On recognizability by spectrum of finite simple group E8(22n)
15.45--16.20 Nicolas, Alejandro P. and Gonzalez-Sanchez, Jon (Santander, Spain) On the character degree for some pro-p groups
16.20--16.55 Beltran, Antonio (Castellon, Spain) Coprime conjugacy classes and solvability of finite groups
Coffee break
17.20--17.40 Treyer, Aleksandr (Omsk) Automorphisms of partially commutative nilpotent R-groups and arithmetics groups
17.45--18.10 Korobkov, Sergey (Ekaterinburg) On associative algebras, whose lattices of subalgebras decomposes into direct products of lattices
18.15--18.35 Trofimuk, Alexandr (Gomel, Belarus) On a finited group with restricted normal composition series factors
18.35--19.00 Naumik, Mikhail (Vitebsk, Belarus) On a relation beetween linear relations semigroup congruence and congruences on the partially linear transformations subsemigroup

Thursday, June 24 (room 311)

15.00--15.35 Nicolas, Alejandro P. and Gonzalez-Sanchez, Jon (Santander, Spain) On the character degree for some pro-p groups
15.45--16.20 Beltran, Antonio (Castellon, Spain) Coprime conjugacy classes and solvability of finite groups
Coffee break
16.45--17.15 Semenov, Pavel (Moscow) Automorphisms of semigroups of invertible nonnegative matrices over ordered rings
17.20--17.45 Ryabchenko, Alexey (Gomel, Belarus) On
τ-closed n-multiply
17.45--18.00 (poster) Ryabchenko, Elena (Gomel, Belarus) On properties of generalized subnormal subgroups