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EIMI address: Pesochnaya nab. 10,
St. Petersburg 197022, Russia

Welcome to St.Petersburg!

Registration / Visa Form for accompanying person

Name of the event (conference)

Name of the person you are accompanying:

Desired duration of stay
      in the period from till

Please note, that if you are a participant's family member but have a different family name we might need your marriage (for a spouse) or birth (for a child) certificate to issue a visa support document for you.
It is also possible that we make a separate invitation for you . But then make sure that you DO NOT omit any fields in this form: affiliation, position, address of the institution, ets.

Your family name:

Your first name(s):


Country of permanent residence:



Work mailing address:


Date of birth:

Place of birth:


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Passport number:

Passport date of issue:

Passport date of expiry:

City with a Russian Consulate where you will be applying for the visa:

FAX number to send the invitation to (for the USA and France citizens):
Postal address to send the invitation to:
Cities in Russia you would like to visit:
Any comments or special requests:

IMPORTANT: most nationalities (excluding EU citizens*) need to send a copy of their passports (a copy of two adjacent pages one of which contains your photo) preferably as a scanned image by e-mail to admin@imi.ras.ru.
- with the exception of UK, Ireland, Switzerland.
Please, check that your medical insurance is valid in Russia.

Last Update: January 25, 2012