8th Summer St.Petersburg Meeting in Analysis
21-25 June, 1999

Registration Form

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Please, give the details about the type of room you wish and
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I intend to give a talk:

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We ask you to attach (preferably in TeX) the abstract of your talk
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IMPORTANT: you need to send a copy of your passport
(as usual, this means "a copy of two adjacent pages one
of which contains your photo") by fax to

7 812 234 58 19 for Elena Novikova

Do likewise with the passports of all accompanying persons.


I would like to come with accompanying person(s):

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If "yes", please, make a separate registration and visa form for each accompanying person: fill in the same fields for everyone (DO NOT omit affiliation, position, address and fax of the institution FOR EMPLOYED and FOR STUDENTS or PUPILS).


Fill in the above APPLICATION FORM or send via E-Mail or FAX to:

FAX: +7 812 234 5819

E-mail: mathanal@pdmi.ras.ru