EIMI reserves for conferences LDM Hotel placed near the Institute (five minutes on foot). A price for single room is around 30 USD per day. You can download the schemes of neighborhood (map1, map2).

One has to pay for the hotel in roubles (and at any other place too). To exchange the currency is not hard task, many exchange offices are around the city, but be careful and do not exchange your currency NEAR offices.

In accordance with the Russian rules your visa has to be registrated. When checking in a hotel your visa will be registrated by administrator (price of registration is around 5 USD). Please, don't forget to take visa back since it will be inspected on the Custom at the Airport.

The Organizing Committee is in the room 205. The Information desk is near the room for coffee-breaks.

You can use offices on the ground and first floor for preparing your talks and for discussions. Every office has a terminal of local computer net. You can use telnet, ftp; pine or elm to send e-mail. If you need your own account for time of the conference, ask for Elena Novikova or Denis Shatokhin, room 209,216. You can use Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mapple or TeX, room 219.

If you need to make copies of papers, please ask for Elena Novikova, room 209.

You could look at our web-page: , where you could find the map of St.Petersburg and other useful information.


EIMI Pesochnaya naberezhnaya, 10.

234-92-45 (a person on duty, a whole day)

234-05-74 Novikova Elena


Nab. Reki Fontanki, 27

312-40-58 secretary (don't speak English)

310-65-18 secretary (don't speak English)

UK Consulate


USA Consulate


German Consulate


French Consulate

314-14-43 or 117-85-11

American Medical Centre


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