The Workshop "Dynamical Inverse Problems" (Saint-Petersburg, 24-29 August, 1998) is organized by Saint-Petersburg Department of the Steklov Mathematical Institute (PDMI) and the Euler International Mathematical Institute ( EIMI). This is the third workshop of series of conferences devoted to inverse problems of Mathematical Physics; the previous ones were held in October 1993 and July 1996. This meeting is dedicated to 60-th Anniversary of Aleksandr Blagovestchenskii who is one of pioneers of dynamical inverse problems.

The Workshop is supported by Russian Found of Basic Research (RFFI), INTAS-Program
and partially sponsored by Sanwa Systems Development Co. Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan).

Organizing Committee

M. Belishev (chairman) (

S. Ivanov (

V. Sharafutdinov (

M. Yamamoto (

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