The EIMI participated in orginizing

The First International Conference
on Problems of Dynamic Objects Logic-Linguistic Control


June 16 - 20, 1997 Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

Additional information could be found in DOLLC'97 homepage

The first announcement

Organizers: Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering,
                Russian Academy of Sciences
            St.Petersburg State Technical University
            Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
            Knowledge Extraction Tools, Inc., USA
            Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg,
                Russian Academy of Sciences

Program Committee:
          Nikolai Lyashenko, USA
          Leon Reznik, AUSTRALIA
          Andrey E. Gorodetsky, RUSSIA
          Alexey G. Sergeyev, RUSSIA
          Iveri V. Prangishvili, RUSSIA
          Lofti Zadeh, USA
          Anatoly A. Erofeev, RUSSIA
          Dmitry A. Pospelov, RUSSIA
          Boris M. Miller, RUSSIA
          Anca L. Ralescu, USA
          Victor V. Alexandrov, RUSSIA
          Alexander L. Fradkov, RUSSIA
          Yuri V. Matiyasevich, RUSSIA
          Alexander A. Krasovsky, RUSSIA

Organizing Committee:
     Irina L. Tarasova (Chairperson)
     Alexey V. Minayev (Secretary)
     Alexey N. Aleksandrin
     Vladimir Yu. Farafonov
     Lyudmila N. Sergeyeva

Schedule of work:
     Scientific program includes plenary reports (up to 30 min.),
     scientific reports and messages (up to 15 min.),
     scientific discussions,
     posters and an exhibition of hard- and software for automation.

Conference Topics:
     Dynamic Objects Logical Control Systems Hierarchy
     Computing of the Probability and Other Attributes of
          Complicated Logical Systems
     Solution Techniques of Systems of Logical Equations
     Taxis in Logical Control Systems
     Formalized Description of Databases and Knowledge Bases;
     Computing Techniques of Making Decisions
     Evaluation of Fullness, Integrity and Adequacy of Knowledge
     Techniques of Knowledge Addition and Correction
     Stability and Quality of Dynamic Objects Logical Control Systems
     Optimization of Dynamic Objects Logical Control Systems
     Adaptation of Dynamic Objects Logical Control Systems
     Fuzzy Tasks of Making Decisions

     Russian, English

     December the 1st, 1996 -
          an application form for participation is sent
     March the 1st, 1997 -
          abstracts and brief information about authors are to be received
     May the 1st, 1997 -
          fees are to be accepted, full text of papers are sent

     It is planned to publish all the reports after the end
     of the Conference. The abstracts published will be presented
     to participants upon their arrival.

Address of Program Committee:
     Prof. A.E. Gorodetsky,
     Bolshoy prospect V.O., 61
     St.Petersburg 199178,

     ph. (7-812) 217-0963
     Fax (7-812) 217-8614

     1000-word text in English is to be sent by e-mail (preferably)
     or by ordinary mail

         We'll be glad to see you as a participant of the DOLLC'97
      at Saint-Petersburg during the wonderful period of the White Nights.
                      We are sure you will enjoy it.
                          Organizing Committee


               Application form

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