International meeting

"New Asymptotic and Numerical Methods in Diffraction"

planned by INTAS-RFFI Project 95-0012 to be held in StPetersburg on June 6 - 7, 1997.

The following people are expecting to participate: From France: Professor Mikael Balabane (Paris-13) From UK : Dr Richard Tew (Nottingham) Dr James Lawry (Oxford) Dr Zigmind Rogoff (Nottingham, now visiting IPMash RAN) Dr David Abrahams (Keele) From Russia: Professor Vassily Babich, Professor Natalya Kirpichnikova (POMI RAN) Professor Alexei Kiselev, Dr Oleg Motygin (IPMas RAN) Professor Vladimir Buldyrev, Dr. Maria Perel, Dr. Mikhail Lialinov, Dr Alexander Alenitsyn, Mr Alexander Aref'ev (Phisics Faculty, StPetersburg University) Dr Boris Samokish, Mr Valery Luc'anov, Mr Kirill Cherednichenko, Miss Olga Izotova (Mathematics Faculty, StPetersburg University) Dr Vadim Gotlib (Institute of Oceanology SPb Otdel) Dr Alexander Starkov (Academy of Criotechnology) We welcome also participation of other researchers in the field both from Russia and from abroad.

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