First announcement

of the International Workshop

"Small-x Physics and Light-Front Dynamics in QCD".


The meeting is organized by the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, the Petersburg State University and the Euler International Mathematical Institute. It will take place from July 6 to July 15, 1998 in St.Petersburg. St.Petersburg is the well known cultural center of Russia with the Hermitage and other museums, beautiful parks and tzar palaces. The white nights attract here many tourists during the summer time. Housing will be available in the nearest hotels for $30-$90/day. The workshop fee will be roughly $300.

The Workshop will include the following sessions (one per working day):

  1. Introductory Session. Convenors: S.Brodsky ( and S.Pinsky (
  2. Integrable Models. Convenors: P.Kulish ( and S.Dalley (,
  3. Small-x Physics. Convenors: J.Bartels ( and V.Fadin (,
  4. Power Corrections in QCD. Convenors: V.Braun ( and M.Karliner (
  5. Confinement in QCD. Convenors: M.Burkardt ( and D.Zwanziger (,
  6. Hadron Wave Functions in the Light-Front Formalizm. Convenors: S.Glazek ( and H.C.Pauli (,

For a more detailed information about scientific topics which will be discussed one should contact the convenors. More details can be also found on the enclosed poster and at the workshop home page, and

Due to limited space, participation is by invitation only. Those, who are interested, should contact one of the convenors as soon as possible. Applications to participate will be accepted till March 31, 1998. An application form is enclosed, and can be copied for use by others. Forms are also available at the home page.

We hope that you recognize this workshop as an exciting opportunity to make progress in our understanding of small-x physics and light-front dynamics in QCD. Please bring it to the attention of other physicists who might take an interest.

Prof. Lev Lipatov

Chair of the Organizing Committee


Application Form