] Special section - symposium, dedicated to V

Special section - symposium, dedicated to V.A.Fock


 June 1 (Monday)


Opening and meeting of Academic Council


Former Physics Building, University Yard

(in Russian)

Program for June, 1 (in Russian)



Round-Table Discussion

room 70, Main Building

"Vladimir A. FOCK and role of the scientist in XXI century"


Sergey Kapitza,

TV channel RTR and Euro-Asian Physical Society,


Siegbert Raither,
Chief, Mathematics and Physics
Programmes, UNESCO

animate discussion



June 2 (Tuesday)



Alexander Baldin

Symmetry in modern physics

Yuri Novozhilov

Fock papers on Quantum Field Theory

Andrei A.Bogush

V.A.Fock and Theoretical Physics in Belarus




Yuri Simonov

The Fock-Feynman-Schwinger path integrals. Theory and applications

V.I Shevchenko

Generalized Fock-Schwinger gauges

Lev Prokhorov

V.A.Fock - fate of some discoveries


V.A.Fock in the Optical Institute and application of the Hartree-Fock method in the State Optical Institute


June 3 (Wednesday)


Yuri Demkov

Maxwell, Fock and Mendeleev symmetries in quantum mechanics.

Robert Evareestov

V.Fock and Quantum Chemistry

Leonid Khalfin

Fock-Krylov theorem and unstable particles




Gleb Makarov and Valentin Novikov

Fock and radiophysics

Konstantin Gridnev

Fock methods in Nuclear Structure


Hartree-Fock method in the solid state theory

June 4 (Thursday)



Alexei Ermolaev

Application of the Fock hyper-spherical coordinates in atomic physics

Albert Minkevich

Gauge approach in the gravitation and gravitating systems at extreme conditions

Fedor Kuni, Alexandre Grinin, Andrei Sveshnikov

Non-linear systems: statistics of nucleation

V.V. Zhilko

Covariant methods in crystallophysics