W. Hatcher

Prof. W.S.Hatcher has now taken early retirement from Laval University, Quebec, Canada and has elected to reside and work in St.Petersburg. His specialty is logic, model theory, theoretical computer science and philosophy.

Prof.Hatcher's opinion is:

The Spirit of Euler Yet Lives in St.Petersburg

The recent merging of the Euler Mathematical Institute with the Steklov Institute for the Mathematical Sciences in St.Petersburg has created an unusually rich scientific and cultural environment for the pursuit of research and study in mathematics. In spite of the well-publicized dislocations resulting from the breakup of the Soviet Union, the Russian tradition of excellence in mathematics persists and flourishes in St.Petersburg, where world-class specialists in various fields of mathematics continue to reside and work.

The newly-enlarged Steklov Institute in St.Petersburg is now ready to receive foreign scientists for short- and medium-term academic visits. Attractive features are:

Knowledge of the Russian language, though undoubtedly useful, is not essential to a productive stay in St.Petersburg. Most Russian mathematicians, including graduate students, can communicate effectively in English. Moreover, one can usually find English-speaking interlocutors in all segments of Russian society.

The current musical and artistic environment of St.Persburg is perhaps unparalleled in the world, including several world-class symphony orchestras, professional choirs, classical ballet, modern dance, the Hermitage Museum, the Russian State Museum, and many other cultural expressions. Any number of concerts and exhibitions are presented daily, and at an accessible price for those residing even temporarily in St.Petersburg.

With an official invitation from the Steklov Institute, entry and temporary residence visas are easy to obtain. Several Western mathematicians have already elected to spend extended periods at the Steklov for research and study.