Prof. Leonid Fukshansky

was staying in St.Petersburg from 15.06.1997 to 30.06.1997
          Application for participation in the EIMI program

                      TETE-A-TETE IN RUSSIA

    I. Western participant(s)
       1) last name:        Fukshansky 
       2) given name(s):    Leonid  
       3) citizenship:      German     
       5) Affiliation:      Dep-t of Biol., Uni of Freiburg 
       6) position:         Prof. of math. Biol.
       7) mailing address:  Schaenzlestrasse,1, D-79104Freiburg
       8) e-mail address: 
       9) phone number:     +49-761-203-2603
      10) FAX number:       +49-761-203-2612  

    II. Russian participant(s)
       1) Mitrofanova 
       2) Nina
       3) Mefantievna
       4) Cand. Phys.-Math.Sci, Docent
       5) the SPb State Polytechnical University
       6) phone number: 533-45-73

   III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

    IV. Desired duration three weeks in the period
        from  15.05.97  to  30.06.97