Prof. Hose Gonzalez Llorente
visited St.Peterburg from 7 to 13 June 1997 and gave the lecture "Asymptotic values of subharmonic functions" at the V.P.Havin - N.K.Nikolsky Seminar "Spectrum Function Theory" on 10.06.97.
    I. Western participant(s)

1) Family names: Gonzalez Llorente
2) Given Name:   Jose
3) Degree: Doctor in Mathematics
4) Affiliation: Department of Mathematics,
                Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
                Facultad de Ciencias
                28049     MADRID, Spain


             Departament de Matematiques
             Facultat de Ciencies
             Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
             08193   BELLATERRA
             BARCELONA, Spain

5) position:     associate professor
6) mailing address

Department of Mathematics,
Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
Facultad de Ciencias
28049     MADRID, Spain

7) current e-mail adress:
8) phone number: 34-1-3975255 (Madrid, Spain)
9) Fax:   34-1-3974889 (Madrid, Spain)

II. Russian participant(s) 1) family name Yakubovich 2) given name Dmitry 3) patronimic Vladimirovich 4) degree, title(s) Candidate of Math. Sciences 5) affiliation Division of Math. Analysis, Dept. of Mathematics and Mechanics St. Petersburg Univ. 6) position docent 7) mailing address Dmitry Yakubovich Division of Mathematical Analysis Dept. of Mathemetics and Mechanics St. Petersburg State Univ. Bibliotechnaya pl., 2 Stary Peterhof, 198904 St. Petersburg, Russia 8) e-mail address 9) phone number (812) 4287063 10) FAX number (812) 4283039 III. Subject of joint work (a few phrases) Some recent results on the boundary behaviour of subharmonic functions in the unit ball or the upper half-space can be generalized in the sense that they are also valid when the upper half-space and usual subharmonic functions are replaced by a Brelot metric space and its corresponding subharmonic cone . It can be shown that the key requirements needed to get the same results in this abstract setting are: i) the appropiate version of Littlewood's Theorem on subharmonic functions. ii) certain Carleson condition on the behaviour of harmonic measure. For instance, this general approach has direct applications to subsolutions of some elliptic differential operators in euclidean domains. IV. Desired duration 8 days in the period from June 5 to June 30, 1997.