Dr. Thomas Dunker

was staying in St.Petersburg from 26.10.1997 to 10.11.1997.

            Application for participation in the EIMI program                
                         TETE-A-TETE IN RUSSIA

    I. Western participant(s)
       1) family name                  Dunker
       2) given name(s)                Thomas
       3) degree, title(s)             Ph.D. student
       4) affiliation                  Schiller Universitaet
       5) position                     Graduirenkolleg
       6) mailing address              Ernst Abbe Platz, 1- 4
                                       Mathemat. Fakultaet
                                       Schiller Universitaet
                                       07743, Jena, Germany
       7) e-mail address               dunker@minet.uni-jena.de
       8) phone number
       9) FAX number

    II. Russian participant(s)
       1) family name                   Lifshits
       2) given name                    Michail
       3) patronimic                    Anatolievich
       4) degree, title(s)              Doctor Phys.Math.Sci.
       5) affiliation                   Menkomtekh Cemtre, SPbSU
       6) position                      Professor
       7) mailing address               197372 Komendantsky 22-2-49
       8) e-mail address                mikhail@lifshits.spb.su
       9) phone number                  349-77-17
      10) FAX number                    234-56-33

    III. Subject of joint work (a few phrases)

      We plan to contnue the investigation of multiparametric
      Gaussian processes using entropy methods and Levy-Cieselsky
      expansions. From probabilistic point of view our goal is to
      evaluate the probabilities of the small deviations of the
      process while analytical aspect consists of the entropy
      estimation for the balls in Sobolev spaces of functions of
      several variables.

    IV. Desired duration  14  days/weeks/month in the period
        from  24.10 to  14.11.