Dr. Antonio Brogi

I visited the Euler International Mathematical Institute at St. Petersburg on the occasion of the second meeting of the INTAS project on "Efficient Symbolic Computing" which was held at the Institute on October 24-26, 1996.
I was impressed by the environment and by the facilities offered by the Institute. The Institute is located in a very nice building along the river, next to a park. Each participant was given a private office with a terminal with internet connection capability, and the conference room was well-suited for hosting the talks of the participants. The Institute hence turned out to be a perfect location for helding the meeting. Special thanks are due to the people of the Institute, who carefully anticipated all possible needs of the participants in the meeting. To complete the picture, the city of St.Petersburg is one of the most fascinating cities I had a chance to visit, full of architectural, artistic and historical treasures.
On the basis of my visit to the Euler International Mathematical Institute at St.Petersburg, I cannot avoid to recommend a visit to the Insitute.

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