Dr. David Gilbert

I visited the Euler Institute in October 1996 together with several colleagues from Western countries and CIS to attend the second workshop of the Efficient Symbolic Computing project, funded by INTAS I was very impressed by the warm reception that I was given, and also by the friendly but effiecient organisation of the workshop. We were well looked after, from the moment that we arrived at the airport to our departure. The participants were also delighted that each had their own office with networked computer, telephone etc., and we all commented that the building in which the Institute is located is very beautiful. Although we had a very busy work schedule during our short visit, we were given a tour of St Petersburg and also one of our local colleagues very kindly showed us around the Winter Palace and its art collection - an overwhelming experience! In summary - the visit was very productive scientifically, I made good friends at the Institute, and my only regret was that I had so little time to visit St Petersburg. It goes without saying that I will be coming back...
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