Prof. Flemming Topsoe

I have visited EIMI three times: In the summer of 1991 when the institute was under renovation and acquisition of computer equipment planned, in January 1994 at the first meeting of the EmNet/NIS project (aimed at improving the research infrastructure) and then again in winter time, December 1996 for a meeting discussing experiences of, especially, INTAS sponsored projects in the NIS countries. My experiences are limited to rather short stays discussing issues related to collaboration. I much envy those who have had the opportunity to do real scientific work at this unique institute.

To me, the city of St.Petersburg, right from the first impressions when you arrive at the Central Station or at the airport, is exciting and shows a friendly face. At my last visit, a colleague and I agreed that the city has a good chance to win a position as the "Paris of the North" - a position tourist people at home claim is possessed by my own town, Copenhagen. The cultural heritage and whole friendly atmosphere point in this direction.

The Euler Institute has a charm of itself, it offers a friendly working atmosphere and professionel assistance by a competent staff. Adding the unique location and the main element, the strong mathematical tradition nortured by the scientific directors, you have all ingredients to ensure success for your scientific visit to EIMI. If in doubt, just have a look at the homepage of EIMI ( where some have elaborated on their observations (see, e.g. the comments of prof. Wilfrid Hodges).

Flemming Topsoe

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