Prof. Ivan Korec

I was very satisfied with the organization of JAF'14 conference. In particular, I must to thank for waiting me, even if the time of my arrival was substantially changed. It was very pleasant surprise.

Maybe, the bus excursion in the town could be a little shorter in such bad weather, but I understand that it had to be planned a long time sooner.

A more important remark to the travel: I was informed by Foreign Office of Slovak Republic that I need no visa and no transit visa. It was true, but I was not informed that through some borders I would need the invitation. Fortunately (by advice of prof. Matijasewitch) I asked for it (and I obtained it quickly, thanks), and hence I had it. Maybe, next visitors should be informed about that (in those rare cases when they would come by train) or about the actual situation if it will be changed in the future.

I was very satisfied by my stay in Sankt Peterburg and in Euler's Institute. I am looking forward for attendig the Institute and the town sometimes once more.

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