Prof. Nicolae Florian

In the period of 18-22 October 1996 I was invited to attend the Conference "Galois Theory of Local and Global Fields" organized by the Euler International Mathematical Institute at Sankt Petersburg. I would like to express the organizers once again my gratitude for making possible my participation there. The conference-talks were of a good level. Each guest had in the building of the Institute at his disposal a room for doing his work during the five days of the conference. I really appreciate that. On the other hand, the internet connection did not always work, but this is not so a big problem. The library of the Institute seemed to me not to be very "complete". Perhaps one could do much more in this direction. It would also be fine if the guests could get in the Institute at each time they want.
I was much impressed of the russian hospitality, of the ballet evening in the Marinskii-Theatre, of the concert that I heard in the Philarmony, of Ermitage, and of the other cultural attractions that Sankt Petersburg, this magnificent city, offers. I shall always return there with pleasure.
     Pomania, Bucharest
Now: Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany