L. Euler

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EIMI building

St Petersburg


Euler IMI

LDM Hotel

The LDM Hotel ("Dvorets Molodezhi") is a typical place to stay for visitors of EIMI because of its closeness to the EIMI.
Address: Prof. Popova street, 47. Please find a red mark "Y" on the map.
Phone: 7 (812) 234 47 14.

You could reach the LDM Hotel from metro "Petrogradskaya", bus No.10 or 45, third stop.
You could reach the Euler Institute: Pesochnay nab. 10, two stops from "Petrogradskaya", trolly-bus 34 or minibuses (you should ask to stop before the Kamennoostrovski bridge) 46, 175, 252, 298 and then you could reach the Hotel.

Unfortunately the hotel does not accept the credit cards.

You can find the prices and other details at http://www.ldm.ru/service/hotel/rooms

You have a possibility to get more information about the hotels or to reserve an apartment on-line: http://www.hotels.spb.ru/allhot.htm

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