Prof. Stanislaw Glazek

Impressions from the Euler Institute

Euler Institute is known to me from a week visit during a conference in June 1998 and I am very happy I have visited there.

Euler Institute is an outstanding center for research in St. Petersburg. It is quietly located in a beautiful building next to a river near the town center and close to a restaurant. There are many carefully prepared rooms available for discussion and working, all equipped with computers with quick and easy access to the whole world via Internet, most usually with hercules graphics. Some work stations are available, too. I have an impression there is a more powerful computer available but I had no need to seek information about it. Xerox is no problem.

The secretarial service is absolutely outstanding with top level of competence in all matters. The lecture room is very well equipped and nice.

These conditions are inviting and embracing scientists who engage in work and discussions there.

Euler Institute can become one of the leading centers. Its library contains recent issues of top journals and there is plenty of room for enlarging it. Easy access to electronic literature seems to be achievable soon. Refreshment facilities will certainly become of round the clock available self service chcaracter. The high standard of the place should attract new visitors and provide multiple opportunities for organizing meetings and longer events.

One should remember there is plenty to see in St. Petersburg and the Institute is very close to the most interesting places.

Stan Glazek, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University