Prof. Vladimir Vershinin

I was visiting Euler Institute twice. First time in 1997 at the Conference dedicated to the 85th birthday of A.D.Aleksandrov and then in 1999 at the Conference "Topology and Dynamics: Rokhlin memorial".
These conferences were the best organized that I attended at the territory of the (former) Soviet Union. Scientific and technical sides of the organization of the conferences were excellent. Information was up to date and as complete as possible. Scientifically both conference were of extremely high level.
Of course I remember better the last conference: among participants were mathematicians of the highest word rank: S.P.Novikov, V.A.Vassiliev and also very strong researchers as A.S.Mishchenko, S.V.Matveev, A.M.Vershik, V.M.Buchstaber and others. Talks about their last research works and discussions after the talks and during the tee breaks were extremely interesting especially for young participants.
The place (Euler Institute) where the conferences were held is the best location for such meetings: excellent architecture of the old palace, well equipped conference-hall and seminar rooms, computer room with modern facilities. The are also offices for visitors of the institute supplied with computer terminals. The people who run the conferences and the building are also very good, they are doing their best to maintain the building in contemporary complicated conditions (especially the lack of financing). Their attitude to visitors is very affable, they are always ready to help: make a copy of a paper, organize a departure, etc. I have only one suggestion for this team: to maintain the high standards that they are keeping now.

Vladimir Vershinin
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of Siberian Branch of RAS