Prof. Marie-Claude Viano

is going to stay in St.Petersburg from 20.06.2000 till 30.06.2000
Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Western participant

Family Name:  Viano
First name:   Marie-Claude
Citizenship:  French
Degree:       Professor
Affiliation:  Universite Lille-I
Position:     full Professor
Address:      Univerite Lille 1, Mathematiques, Bat. M2.
              59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex, France.
Phone(s):     (33) 3 2O 43 67 65
Fax:          (33) 3 20 43 67 74
II. Russian participant
Family Name:  Lifshits
First name:   Mikhail
Patronymic:   Anatolievich
Degree:       Doctor phys.math. sci.
Affiliation:  St-Petersburg State University
Position:     docent
Address:      St-Petersburg,197372,
              Komendantskii 22-2-49
Phone(s):     3497717
III Subject

We study stationary second order random processes whose 
covavriance asymptotically behaves like  hyperblolically 
damped oscillating sequence, i.e. the processes with long 
memory and "seasonal" effects. We consider the  methods 
for generating seasonal long or intermediate memory processes,
computer modelling and limit theorems for such processes

   IV. Desired duration  from 20.06.2000 till 30.06.2000