Dr. Ningyan Zhu

was staying in St.Petersburg from March 1 to March 31, 2000
Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Western participant(s)

      1) last name                   Zhu

      2) given name(s)               Ningyan

      3) citizenship                 People's Republic of China

      4) degree, title(s)            Dr.-Ing

      5) affiliation                 Institut fuer Hochfrequneztechnik
                                     Universitaet Stuttgart

      6) Position                    Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter

      7) mailing address             Institut fuer Hochfrequneztechnik
                                     Universitaet Stuttgart
                                     Pfaffenwaldring 47
                                     D-70550 Stuttgart

      8) e-mail address              zhu@ihf.uni-stuttgart.de

      9) phone number                +49 711 685 7422

     10) FAX number                  +49 711 685 7412

II. Russian participant(s)

       1) family name     Lyalinov
       2) given name      Michael 
       3) patronymic      Anatolievich
       4) degree, title(s) Candidate of Science
       5) affiliation     S. Petersburg University, Physics
       6) position        Associate Professor
       7) mailing address  S. Petersburg , Petergoff, Ulianovskaja
                          1-1, Institute of Physics, Dept. Math. Phys.
       8) e-mail address  Lyalinov@mph.phys.spbu.ru
       9) phone number    4287579
      10) FAX number      4287240

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

Methods of solving the problems of diffraction by an anisotropic
wedges. We hope to develop exact solution of the problem
of diffraction of an obliquely plane wave by a wedge with
anisotropic impedances. The approach is
based on Maliuzhinets' functional equation and Sommerfeld integrals.
Uniform asymptotics as well as numerical results will be obtained.

   IV. Desired duration  1 month in the period
       from    March 1 2000    to    March 31 2000