Dr. Henning Samtleben and Dr. Dmitry Korotkin

are going to stay in St.Petersburg during 2 weeks in the period from 14.05.2000 to 28.05.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I Foreign and Russian participants:

Family Name:    Samtleben
First name:     Johannes Andreas Henning
Citizenship:    German
Degree:         PhD
Affiliation:    CNRS, Laboratoire de Physique Theorique de l'Ecole Normale Superieure Paris, France
Position:       Postdoc
Address:        LPT-ENS,
                24, Rue Lhomond
                F-75231 Paris CEDEX 05, France
Email:          henning@lpt.ens.fr
Phone(s):       ++331-44322003
Fax:            ++331-43367666

Family Name:    Korotkin
First name:     Dmitry
Citizenship:    Russia
Degree:         Doctor of Science
Affiliation:    Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Position:       Assistant Professor
Address:        Dept.of Mathematics and Statistics, Concordia University,
                Sherbrook W. 7141, Montreal, 4HB 1R6, Quebec, Canada
Email:          korotkin@crm.umontreal.ca
Phone(s):       1 - (514) 8483245
Fax:            1 - (514) 8482831


Family Name:    Babich
First name:     Mikhail
Patronymic:     Vasilievich
Degree:         Doctor of Sciences
Affiliation:    PDMI
Position:       Senior researcher
Address:        SPb, Fontanka 27
Email:          mbabich@pdmi.ras.ru
Phone(s):       235 42 39
Fax:            310 5377
II Subject: 

 ``Schlesinger and Garnier systems on complex plane and elliptic curve''

The research activity during the tete-a-tete meeting is supposed to
concentrate on investigation of the link between Schlesinger and Garnier
systems on complex plane and elliptic curve. It is supposed to work out
corresponding limiting procedure explicitly in terms of algebro-geometric
solutions of Schlesinger system and corresponding tau-function.
Hopefully it will be possible to get in this way new examples of solutions
of WDVV equations and Frobenius manifolds.

III Duration: 15 days
    From: 14/05/2000
    Till: 28/05/2000