Dr. Alexander Myullyari

was staying in St.Petersburg from 24.02.2000 to 27.02.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Foreign participant(s)

Family Name:    Myullyari
First name:     Alexander
Citizenship:    Russia/Finland
Degree:         PhD
Affiliation:    Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku, Finland and Dept. of Math., Petrozavodsk State University, Russia
Position:       Research fellow
Address:        Tuorla Observatory, Vaisalantie 20,
                FIN-21500 Piikkio
Email:          alemio@utu.fi
Phone(s):       +358-40-7524003
II. Russian participant

Family Name:    Vassiliev
First name:     Nikolay
Patronymic:     Nikolaevich
Degree:         PhD, Senjor researcher
Affiliation:    Stekolv Mathematical Institie
Position:       Senjor Researcher
Address:        191011, 27, nab.Fontanki
Email:          Vasiliev@pdmi.ras.ru
Phone(s):       312-88-29
Subject: Application of Methods of Symbolic Dynamics 
Duration: 4
Days/Weeks/Months: days
From: 24.02.2000
Till: 27.02.2000