Mr. Oliver Schmitt

is going to stay in St.Petersburg from 2.04.2000 to 20.04.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Foreign participant(s)

      1) last name                             Schmitt
      2) given name(s)                         Oliver
      3) citizenship                           german
      4) degree, title(s)                      Diplom-Mathematiker
      5) affiliation                           single
      6) position                              assistant
      7) mailing address (official)            Lotzestrasse 13,
                                               D-37083 Göttingen
      8) e-mail address              
      9) phone number (official)               +49-551-397802
     10) FAX number (official)                 +49-551-395997

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)
       Last summer, I had the chance to work with Prof. Gordin in the field of
       Dynamical Systems. Now, I want to come to St. Petersburg for continuing
       my scientific contacts with Prof. Gordin and other specialist in the
       field of Dynamical Systems. 

   IV. Desired duration:   19 days 
       in the period from  02. April to 20. April