Prof. Dr. Frederic Klopp

was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 02.12.2000 to 12.12.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Foreign participant(s)

Family Name: Klopp
First name: Frederic
Citizenship: french
Degree: doctor, professor
Affiliation: Dept. de Mathematiques, LAGA, Institut Galilee, Universite de Paris Nord
Position: professor
Address: Departement de Mathematiques, LAGA, Institut Galilee, Universite de Paris Nord
av. G.B.Clemont, F93430 Villetaneuse, France
Phone(s): 33 (1) 49 40 40 88
Fax: 33 (1) 49 40 35 68
II. Russian participant

Family Name: Fedotov
First name: Alexandre
Patronymic: Alexandrovich
Degree: dotsent, candidate of sciences
Affiliation: Departement of Mathematical Physics, Faculty of Pfysics, University of St.Petersburg
Position: dotsent
Address: Dept. of Math.Physics, Institute of Physics,
St. Petersburg-Petrodvorets, Ulianovskaja 1, 198904 
Phone(s): 294 41 76
Fax: 428 72 40
Subject: Spetral analysis of adiabatic quasi-periodic Schroedinger equations in dimension 1;
analysis of the cantorian structure of the spectrum of quasi-cristals
of quasi-cristals.
Duration: 10
Days/Weeks/Months: days
From: 2.12.2000
Till: 12.12.2000