Prof. Haakan Hedenmalm

was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 21.06.2000 to 13.07.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


 I. Western participant
1)last name:              Hedenmalm
2)given name(s):          Haakan 
3)citizenship:            Sweden
4)degree, title(s):       
5)affiliation:            Dept of Math, Lund Univ
6)position:               Professor of mathematics
7)mailing address:        Dept of Math, Lund Univ, Box 118, 22100 Lund, Sweden
8)e-mail address:
9)phone number:           
10)FAX number:            

 II. Russian participant
        1) family name        Kapustin
        2) given name         Vladimir
        3) patronymic         Vladimirovich
        4) degree, title(s)   Ph. D.
        5) affiliation        PDMI RAN
        6) position           Researcher
        7) mailing address    191011 St.Petrsburg, Fontanka 27
        8) e-mail address
        9) phone number       +7(812) 3107164
       10) FAX number         +7(812) 3105377

   III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

   Various aspects of function theory and operator theory will be 
   involved in the programm. Mainly, several problems connected
   with theory of operators in some spaces of functions (of Hardy
   and Bergmann type) will be considered in the framework of the

   IV. Desired duration:

        One month in May-June-July