Mr. Stephen Neely

was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 26.05.2000 to 6.06.2000

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Foreign participant(s)

Family name (as in passport): NEELY
First name(s) (as in passport): STEPHEN TAYLOR
Affiliation: Boys Town National Research Hospital
Position: staff scientist
Address (office): 555 North 30 Street
City: Omaha, Nebraksa
Postal code: 68131
Country: USA
Fax (office): +1-402-498-635
Phone (office): +1-402-498-6751

II. Russian participant

       1) family name           Novoselova
       2) given name            Stella
       3) patronymic            Michailovna
       4) degree, title(s)
       5) affiliation           POMI
       6) position              scientist (nauchnyi sotrudnik)
       7) mailing address       POMI, Fontanka 27, St.Petersburg 191011
       8) e-mail address
       9) phone number          8,270 72 471 (home)
      10) FAX number            310-53-77

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

       Discussion on the problem of negative dumping in the hearing
       organ of humans. This problem is widely discussed
       in literature, but it is still the most intricate. Dr. Neely
       developes this assumption, while Novoselova has some works which
       make the grounds for its existence questionable.

   IV. Desired duration 15 days in the period from May 23 to June 6.