Mr. Tiago Faria

was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 05.12.2007 till 05.02.2008

Application for participation in the EIMI program

Family name: Faria
First name: Tiago
Citizenship: Brazilian
Residence: Brazil
Degree: Student
Affiliation: UNIVAP
Position: Researcher
Address: Av. C4 nº149 ap.33 - Urbanova - SÇo JosÊ dos Campos - Brasil - CEP 12244-396
Phone(s): +55 13 91580051

Russian participant
Family name: Kuzmin
First name: Alexander
Patronymic: Grigorievich
Degree: D.Sc. (Phys & Math)
Affiliation: St Petersburg State University, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Laboratory of Aerodynamics
Position: Head Researcher
Address: 28 University avenue, Peterhof, 198504 St Petersburg, Russia
Phone(s): +7 (812) 4274576,   mobile: +7 905 2347775
Fax: +7 (812) 4284677
Subject: The Project is focused on the numerical analysis of transonic flow past an airfoil (wing section) with flat midportions. The aim of the work is to study the non-uniqueness and stability aspects of solutions to the system of the Euler equations governing inviscid compressible flow.
The numerical analysis will be performed with a flow solver based on high-resolution schemes, using fine computational meshes adapted to regions of strong flow gradients.
The Russian partner will provide the solver, formulate the problem, and participatein discussion of results. The Brazilian partner will prescribe a set of initial and boundary conditions, start running the solver on a PC, and analyze the solutions obtained.
The research will contribute to the comprehension of the physical nature of transonic flow instability, as well as to the development of advanced concepts for aircraft wing design. Results of the work will be discussed at the Department of Hydro-Aerodynamics of St Petersburg State University and at  the International Institute for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (GUAP).
Duration: 2
Days/Weeks/Months: months
From: 05/12/2007
Till: 05/02/2008