Prof. Frédéric Robert Klopp
was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 18.07.2008 till 16.08.2008 and 01.12.2008 till 31.12.2008

Application for participation in the EIMI program

Family name: Klopp
First name: Frédéric Robert
Residence: France
Degree: PhD
Affiliation: Université Paris 13
Position: professor
Address: LAGA, Institut Galilee, Universite Paris 13, 99 av. JB Clément, F-93430 Villetaneuse
Russian participant
Family name: Fedotov
First name: Alexander
Patronymic: Alexandrovich
Degree: PhD
Affiliation: State University of St.Petersburg
Position: dotsent

Subject: Pointwise existence of the Lyapunov exponent and (multifractal) behavior of the generalized eigenfunctions of almost periodic Schroedinger equations. operators.


We  study the coordinate asymptotics of solutions of one-dimensional almost periodic Schroedinger equations with large coupling constant. The focus is made on the cases when the Lyapunov exponent does not exist.


Duration: 30
Days/Weeks/Months: days
From: 18 July
Till: 16 August