Dr. Daniel Sonntag
was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 06.08.2008 till 14.08.2008

Application for participation in the EIMI program

Family name: Sonntag
First name: Daniel
Residence: Germany
Degree: Msc.
Affiliation: German Research Center for AI
Position: Researcher

Russian participant
Family name: Zapatrin
First name: Roman
Patronymic: Romanovich
Degree: Cand. Phys-Mat. Sci.
Affiliation: Informatics Dept, The State Russian Museum

Subject: Differential geometry of information retrieval.
We plan to explore novel geometrical methods for evaluation and
optimization of massive data mining algorithms.
Form: writing a joint paper.

Duration: 5
Days/Weeks/Months: days
From: 06.08.2008
Till: 14.08.2008